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What do you think crashed at Roswell?

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    I think it was a baloon or a top secret government object.


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      Originally posted by Terra Mater View Post
      I live in Phoenix and the "Lights" were just the most publicized event because they were the most widely reported. We saw them fly over downtown, friends of mine recorded them out in North Phoenix, other friends of mine recorded them in Tempe. North Phoenix has long been home to sightings of three "stars" that seem to serve as a "gate"; lights fly in, lights fly out, and the gate has five different spots in the sky it appears in. South Phoenix boasts repeated sightings that are jokingly referred to as "alien dragracing".

      If its aliens, the common views is that at least its not the ones flooding our schools so most peoplelaugh it off, joke that the alines are up to their old tricks andpour another round of margeritas.
      I've heard many interesting things about Phoenix and the various sightings. I'd love to be able to spend some time out there myself. Maybe once I finish college. Unless you know of any schools out there with the astrophysics major...then I'll just transfer, lol. What can I say, its the ufo junkie in me.
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        I read an interesting theory about this once. You know how the Air Force always said that they didn't know anything about it, it wasn't one of their secret planes, etc? And people conclude that either (leaving the frankly feeble weather balloon theory aside), they weren't being 100% truthful, and it was a secret plane, or that, if they genuinely didn't know anything about it, that means that it must have been an alien spacecraft? Well, this theory was that they honestly didn't know anything about it; but that that was because it was a Navy secret plane, and, given how secretive the Air Force and Navy always were with each other, they simply hadn't told the Air Force anything about it.

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          I read a magazine a few years ago that clamed that at the end off WW2 the US Gov. brought to America from Germany & Japan all of the secret projects these countries was working on when the war ended. It included German jets,buzz bombs & rockets. From Japan jets & a rocket plane. They also brought the technitions that was working on them. The craft that crashed at Rosewell was a Japanese jet long range spy plane bieng test flowen by Japanese tech. That is why there chard bodies looked Oriental. They was Japanese.


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            there was a ufo...i agree the aliens probably did send help...and chaos hawk is right they probably either put the plane in alaska or sunk it in a trench iin the deep sea...also the government has so much technology to fix the world but they don't bc they want the rest of the world to get deprived so sometime in the near future the usa russia china england and maybe france can just go and take over
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              Russians... they crash EVERYTHING.
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