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  • Odd Superstitions

    My fiance is a gypsy, and being around her I have heard a bunch of superstitions, and much more, that I have never heard of before. The one that made me think about this post just happened, her family believes that if you cuss at a spirit, it will leave.

    I want to know what all odd superstitions everybody has heard of.

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    My SIL's ex-boyfriend's mom (phew) once told him that his eye infection was because an ant peed in his eye, and that all he needed to do was put a cold fork on it. It "worked" in the way that it eventually just went away.
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      Whenever we combed our hair anything that fell out was to be immediately burned. My mother did this because she said that someone would be able to use it against me. There was also the one that if I was sweeping I could never let the broom touch any part of me but my hand if it hit my leg or I accidentally swept over my own fit I was to spit on the broom. I was never told why this was a thing it just was.
      There is a logical reason for the things I do,I just haven't figured it out yet.


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        I heard relatives talking about this when I was a toddler of 4. They were telling each other about how if you got home past midnight you had to enter the family home in reverse so facing face and front of body to the outside and not with normal manner with back of head backside facing street because bad things would then follow you into the house attached to you.


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          And one more superstition heard when I was very young cut you hair on or near the full moon you will go bald or loose a lot of your hair.


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            Oh, that is scary and understandable.
            There is a logical reason for the things I do,I just haven't figured it out yet.


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              I heard that one way to get rid of the hiccups is to drink a full glass of water from the wrong side. No, not turning the glass. Holding the glass, leaning over and drinking. There are plenty of hiccup "cures" that aren't the ones we all know.
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