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    Is there a good book or website that explains the correspondences of the different moon phase and the signs it can be in? For example the uses for a full moon in Aries. Ty!
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    Not generally no, because it is a bit more nuanced than that. There are several factors depending not only on what you are working with but were you are working it and how you are working with it. So that, like newspaper horoscopes, any simple list of times are going to be very general and superficial. A great way to learn how to apply planetary and/or zodiacal forces to anything is to learn to plant by the signs. Remember, the signs of the Zodiacal are merely the interaction of the elements of prima materia with the elements of philosophical nature as they meet in and among the celestials.Therefore each of the signs will be a combination of one of the four classical Greek elements and either philosophical Sulfur and therefore cardinal, philosophical Mercury and therefore mutable or philosophical Salt and therefore fixed. if this is confusing now, simply keep note and understanding will come.

    In general a cursory look at the signs indicates an elemental affinity, with the modalities being similar yet on a philosophical and cosmological level regarding the myriad parts of the functioning of the alchemical “One Thing”.

    Air signs are good for working and preparing the soil and for plants whose roots are particularly bulbous or grown in spherical layers such as onions. Melons and other fruits which are moist, or juicy yet solid and firm in the meat of their fruit due well in air signs.

    Fire signs are good for plants that prefer dryer environments, bite or are known to bear spicy fruits and works. This is a good time for pruning or otherwise tempering a plant, and weeding done in Leo is generally especially effective.

    Water signs are good for bearing fruits, above ground produce, and leafy vegetables as well as succulents. Plants which prefer swamps, marshes or damp yet well drained soil all do well within these signs. this is also a considerable sign for fungi, esp. Cancer which is cardinal ‘sulfuric’ water.

    Earth signs are good for roots, as roots are hearty at this time and many plants known especially for a hearty and medicine root tend to strongly be align to Earth.
    As the root is hearty at this time this is also when you want to transplant plant-life from one location to another if the need arises.

    Now if one knows the season as well as the beneficial element, then one should be able to narrow down the appropriate sign. Though it is more insightful to look at planetary correspondence of a plant especially for working medicines and if they are in season at length, knowing the modality of the part of the plant you wish to cultivate and harvest is also most beneficial.

    Typically roots are fixed, sprouts and leaves are cardinal while blossoms and fruits are typically mercurial yet buts which particularly burst in blooming may be cardinal. Sap and fluids are typically mercurial.

    For example, lets say one has two different plants which are ruled by Jupiter.
    Jupiter rules the signs of Pisces and Sagittarius.

    Alright, so what is desired is to observe one or more of the following things:
    a) Jupiter in either Pisces or Sag.
    b) the moon in either Pisces or Sag.
    c) The Moon in a good aspect to Jupiter.

    Ideally, one wants either A or B, with C.
    As C defines the relationship of A with B regardless of were they are.

    Of course the plant also has to be in season,
    and that has to do with what sign the sun is in the tropical zodiac.
    The moon cycles through all the signs much faster.
    The moons orbit is roughly 28 days and because it also orbits us
    that means its transit period from our perspective is also roughly 28 days.
    This means the moon travels through each sign roughly every 2 1/2 days.

    The elements and modalities of the signs are also of consideration though you will likely find they will mirror given planetary correspondences. For example I picked Pisces and Sagittarius because both are mutable. Pisces is mutable water and Sagittarius is mutable Fire.
    both are also signs of bounty and plenty: Sag. of practical means and Pisces of creativity and abstractness. Pisces is the abstract ruled by Jupiter while Sagittarius is the pragmatic ruled by Jupiter. Neptune is dreamy and mystical and in most modern systems considered a higher octave of Pisces. On the tree of life Neptune is often placed on the sephira directly above the sephira correspondent to Jupiter. Venus, is attributed to the sephira directly below that attributed to Jupiter because Venus is of aesthetic and beauty. Venus is often of visual beauty while Jupiter represents ideal governance, domain and rulership while Neptune can be thought of mystical or platonic beauty, Rumi's beloved.

    Most herbs ruled by fire are martian, which are fiery. So again, a correlation.
    However Mars not only rules brash and fiery Aries, but also Watery Scorpio.
    There is still logic here as Scorpio is driven inward.
    Scorpio forceful in an inward directions just as Aries is forward in an external direction.

    One starts to see then, a sense of duality, between the ideal and pragmatic, inward and outward etc. among the signs. These things one must consider, and yet this general rule of thumb can not be perfectly mapped as there are seven planets and twelve signs,
    and twelve is not divisible by seven. So what mechanism is going on here?

    Consider this following image:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	zodiac-signs-old-planets-and-elements-twelve-signs-of-the-zodiac-with-F67B7C.jpg Views:	1 Size:	127.2 KB ID:	6645008

    Though in some systems the elemental attribution of Venus differs.

    We are not done yet, having considered the virtues of our plant we must we must considered the moon phase. That which we are to harvest, be it root, leaf or fruit?
    If it be a part above ground we plant just after the new moon and harvest on the full.
    If it be a part below ground we plant just after the full moon and harvest on the new.
    For the waxing current brings the sap to rise and the waning brings the sap to descend.
    Likewise consider this when burying charms, sachets or any other implements of the arte.

    Let’s consider a plant that we are wanting to cultivate because it draws one inward.
    We want it when it is in Scorpio which is ruled by mars. It should be procured after the fall equinox yet before the sun begins to wax after winter solstice. -and if it is not toxic the root of the plant is desired, harvested on the waning current of the moon.

    How about tobacco?
    That's an easy one. The sign should be of either Aquarius or Capricorn with Saturn favorably aspected. On the day day of and in hour of Saturn.
    Which moon phase? ah, the leaf we want is above ground and so the answer would be the waxing. However, as Tobacco is a liminal herb and gatekeeper the half-moon is desired.
    Likewise, of the solar round the equinoxes are desired.
    If these times are not readily available the solstices and new or full moons on the exact mark were the rhythm stands still are the next best choice.

    Tomatoes should are most at home in which nature?
    An easily bruised water sign is clearly Pisces.
    Tip: do not keep tomatoes among unfavorable or draining emotions, they will rot all that much faster.

    Fruits with a hard outer rind or shell but a juicy watery center tend to be Cancer..
    Thirsty fruits which tend to draw in moisture from their skin are often Scorpio plants.

    Plants preferably, should be remade/consecrated when or shortly after being harvest. Though it is more beneficial to remake by the signs than to harvest by them. Be sure however that the moon is at least in the right phase. once might very well to choose to plant generally, by elemental correspondence and then harvest and/or remake the plant planetarily when its virtues are ripe.
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      Maybe I didnt explain my question well. The New moon on May 3rd was in Taurus and there was a bunch of talk on using the Taurus energy to set intentions of bringing in money and prosperity. Every full moon and new moon is in a different zodiac sign. How do i combine the signs with the moon phases? For example I don't know how to use a new moon in Aries vs full moon in Aries. Is there a chart somewhere with correspondences?
      In her eyes is the distance
      In her words is sorrow
      In her soul are wounds
      Not wanting tomorrow.


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        The New Moon in Taurus

        Well, taurus is willfull like Aries, but also stubborn and unyielding.. yet if you agitation and get the bull charging in a given direction it is a most excellent vehicle for forming new habits and disciplines.
        thus Taurus is good for:
        *steady and steadfast direction
        *non-abiding, resistence and fortitude
        *groundedness, centerdness of physical being

        The association with Taurus with money is more modern. i'm not saying it is outright wrong or ineffective as money is a means stability in material life,
        however I'd work primarily with either Jupiter and/or sol for financial success.
        But not so much with Jupiter in Pisces, rather Sag.
        But you do want a pragmatic Earth sign like Virgo or Capricorn.
        If it were me I'd look for Jupitor on the cusp of Capricorn and Sag with Jupitor close by and Sol well aspected.

        Aries is more like gunpowder, quick and fiery.
        Aries is great for hot foot powders, or any kind of inflammatory work.
        I consecrate my stinging-nettle when mars is in Aries preferably.

        You never actually want to do (start) anything exactly on the full moon or new moon unless you are working the exact state of those times.
        What i mean by that, is that they are "stand-stills", when working the lunar current over time you actually want the transitory flow in-between.
        The flow of actual waning or waxing.

        The time just after the new moon is waxing, and so it is good in general for works and observances.
        What you do on the waxing moon will grow in strength and peak at the full moon.
        If you are trying to attract something to you in your waking life you want this time.

        If you want to work with your subconcious, dreams etc.. that's the waning moon on the way to the new moon .
        If you are burying anything be tools, tricks, curses etc... this is the time.
        This is also a good time to look at ones own psyche and psychology.
        It is also a good time for baneful works that will afflict the mind of another.

        Essentially, waxing to full = works in the waking
        while waning to new = works in the underlying

        For working inbetweens and traveling between realms you want the half moons, and here you do want the exact point of equality between light and dark if possible.

        I think perhaps you made need to look in studying Astrology more in depth, because that's what it takes to really benefit from it.
        like i said most suggestive correspondence charts are just that, suggestions taking only into account the most general features.
        They are superficial to whats going on . No better than newspaper horoscope.
        The goal here is to be able to look at a whole chart/election for a given moment and see how everything is interacting as a whole.

        That's how Astrology actually works, and thus Astrologers of old jus t look at were the moon or any one thing was, because that was so short-sided.
        If all the other planets are were they need to be but the moon is in the wrong place, those influencial forces wont be properly directed upon the medium of the work.
        Or say the moon is right in phase and sign but the other planets arent - great, your moon is plugged in but you have little to no current coming into the circuit.
        Because if you are using the Moon to focus Jupiter for abundance, and Jupiter is weak, you dont have something very strong to concentrate in the first place.

        Think of it like this:

        Lets say we are working with the sun.
        the Moon would be a magnifying glass,
        and we use our lunar magnifying glass to focus a beam of light onto the Earth.

        That is essentially what is going on here.
        Well the Sun gives us light of shorter-wave length and thus more of more energy when it is directly overhead.
        Meaning the Sun works better with our magnifying glass method at different times.
        The other planets are the same way.
        You need the desired plant to be strong, and the magnifying glass that is the moon properly aligned,
        so that you may enflame your work here in the world.
        Tsalagi Nvwoti Didahnvwesgi Ale Didahnesesgi
        (Cherokee medicine practitioner of left and right hand paths) - The Anikutani Tradition


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          Originally posted by KylalaKitty View Post
          Is there a good book or website that explains the correspondences of the different moon phase and the signs it can be in? For example the uses for a full moon in Aries. Ty!
          well. for which faith are you looking at? because there's a lot of information out there. depends on what you need in specific.
          ~ Mairwen