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    If you are part of a group, how do you document your rituals, (evocations, and other notes, etc)? Do you have a single book, or does everyone have their own? Can the average layperson look at it, or is it secret? I've always wondered about other groups. In my previous group, the HPS would write the ritual, perform the ritual, and then it would disappear, never to be seen again.


    We have a few different things going on. When initiated, each member recieves a huge pile of information to organize as they see fit. Its probably about 200 pages, along with guidelines as to how to acheive second degree. This we call our "working" book of shadows. (at 2* they recieve a softcopy of it)

    As for our rituals, they are all located online, password/permission protected, so that each person can download and format them however they like. Most of us also scrapbook, so personally, I have the ritual in my book, and then a small scrapbook page of our altar, etc. Usually- right now, I'm kinda behind in the scrapbooking. So, basically we have our main BOS online, but we each keep our own copies.

    The only setback, is that if I want to show someone the fun scrapbook pages, I need to take them out of the BOS, because we don't share most of our BOS with non-initiates. Of course, the liturgy, etc that we use @ Outer Court/Open circles are fair game, but we have Inner Court rituals that are different. I'm planning on seperating them out at some point, so I can show off my scrapbook.
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    Wow. I hope more people share their coven BOS formats. The one you've described sounds very cool.
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