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    I surprise I should explain what I mean first. Basically I'm thinking a group of elders that come together to support each other in a given area. They can talk shop as it were, get advice and opinions form their peers.

    It's not about being ABOVE anyone, it's simply a recognition that it would be inappropriate to seek counsel form one's students, especially if its ABOUT a student.

    So, that cleared up. What do you think of the idea? Is it workable? Do you have one in your area currently?
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    Our area is infused with Pagans but it's so not cohesive. There are a few organizations that host public rituals and teach classes. I belong to one that is basically Dianic and DH belongs to the local OTO lodge. Then there are smaller circles and covens who do not advertise or seek members outside their own friends. And this is all topped off with a bunch of solitaries and others who are very spiritual but don't identify themselves as Pagan ...

    It does seem the more experienced folks can be quite opinionated and of course think at least 3 other "elders" in the area are *crazy* hehehehe

    The group I belong to has many women who are in their 50's or older. The group is very mature and well organized, and I just assumed they were all very experienced. Actually not so much. I am in my 30's and have been on Pagan path for 15 years. Turns out I many of these women are fairly new the craft. I still see them as elders though because raw life experience counts. And these women are highly spiritual people.

    On a side note someone just started a Grandmothers Council, in which women who are Crone aged (you do not have be a biological Grandmother) can meet once a month and share their wisdom. It sounds like they want to move into a mentorship type role in the community. A great idea I think!

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      Our community isn't terribly cohesive, either. Rhianna, I LOVE the idea of a Grandmothers council. Thats awesome.

      However, when I first started my coven, I created a LOCAL coven leaders network yahoogroup- we can bounce ideas off one another, talk about local events, etc. The ONLY people on there are coven leaders. Its also helpful for those looking for a group, because then they contact me, and I'm able to help send them in the direction of a group that sounds up their alley, or give their information to the groups who are accepting members.

      Its a small, non-busy yahoogroup, but its been helpful many times. It doesn't include EVERY coven leader in the area, but I think it could be a great resource.
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