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North California Pagans- YC & surrounding area

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  • North California Pagans- YC & surrounding area

    Note: Yes, I've done a search already. No thread for this. And yes, I've checked WV, not much help.

    So who here are in the North California: Yuba City and Surrounding area?

    Basically: Yuba City, Marysville, Roseville, Linda, Lincoln, Beale, Chico, Sacramento, Folsom, Rocklin, Colusa, ect?

    All these areas are roughly between 20-45 minutes of each other. A reasonable drive for most. Who would be interested in maybe a once a month or once every two month coffee meet, book swap or similar type thing? Any specific ideas you've had in mind of a similar nature? The idea is not for a coven or grove type thing. But rather a social meet that is non-path / tradition specific. Ideally, legal adults only unless with parent.

    I'm new to Beale and wanted to get to know some others in the area and network.

    Apparently there is a couple New age stores in Sac and one in Roseville as well. I'll likely post up a suggestion at these shops as well, owners permitting.
    Anyone know of other similar shops in the area?

    If you'd prefer to not post your town location, but are interested in participating in something like this, you may PM me or just acknowledge you are in the area.
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