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    I'm in the process of slowly (and gently) forming a new group, as I'm in the process of hiving from the group I trained with. I'm a process geek, so I've been thinking a lot about how to help attract and find the kind of people who would fit well with the intentions of the group.

    I'm interested in what those of you with group experience have found - which questions have you asked of potential members (especially in a small group/coven type setting) that have been really useful or illuminating? Which ones don't seem to work as well? Any ideas on why? Anything you wish you'd asked?

    Thanks for your thoughts!

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    This may sound extremely "well duh"-ish, but be really, really certain you know what potential members believe, and that they understand what you believe. Make sure you know where your tolerance level is for differences in beliefs - what can be "worked around" and what can't. No specific questions, alas, but it's something I'd advise you to be super-certain of.

    The group I started with Leora and a friend of ours before fell apart for many, many reasons, but one we could've controlled from the beginning was having a much more complete understanding of where everyone stood in terms of religious beliefs and approach to ritual. This might be less of an issue for you, because everyone in your group will be Wiccan. But even within Wicca, you'll get a diversity of beliefs and approaches, and you want to make sure everyone's going to gel.
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      Some important questions that I think of are:

      1. What do you hope to gain from joining a group?
      2. What do you hope to contribute?
      3. What do you believe is involved in maintaining, being a member of and leading a group?
      4. What do you expect out of the leaders of a group? What are your limits in regards to the same leaders and what they might ask of you?
      5. What spiritual goals have you set for yourself and what victories have to attained in your spiritual life?

      Questions like this have the advantage of giving you insight into the priorities of the seeker, as well as allowing for an idea of whether the group is a good match, or if the teaching style is, if the leadership is, if the type of ritual work is a good match as well.
      Each man performs his service to the Holy according to what he is, not according to what he is not; after all, the sacrifice must not surpass the proper measure of the worshiper. - Iamblichus


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        Excellent points -

        In this case, the 'belief' part is a little amusing, as the other person working with me right now and I have some fairly different beliefs about the nature of things. We still work well together, though, because what we actually want to do with/about it is fairly similar. (Leads to fantastic conversations, though.)

        You're absolutely right that compatibility on that front is critical, though.


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          Are you the Jenett from Mother's Magic?

          Would you ever start an on-line coven?
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            I am!

            On the online coven, no - the trad I'm trained in requires face to face training. I think there are a number of things that can be taught online (book knowledge type topics), some things that can't (many of which are pretty important to my path: handling energy in group ritual, for example), and some things that might be teachable reliably online, but only with an incredible investment in testing, teaching, and time. (running energy for yourself, developing ritual, etc.)

            That said, I'm pretty much always open to chatting/emailing/other discussions with people.


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              Nice to find you again. You were a great help in many ways to someone new and finding their way. I learned a lot from you.
              My light shall be the moon; And my path - the ocean; My guide the morning star; As I sail home to you. -Enya


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                Thank you for making my day! (Especially all this time later.)

                I've got a public blog up at if you want to read more about what I'm thinking about/ doing these days Pagan-wise. I'm also around here and a few other forums as I can be.