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Trollspotting: How to keep your coven from being destroyed

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    That's an awful lot of personality traits to consider when feeling someone out! I'd be pretty paranoid looking at an individual like that. :hahugh: An easier trick is to not that any one thing in excess is bad. From what I've seen anyway, is that most proper coven elders(proper because there's a reason why they're elders) are naturally good at snuffing people out.
    Semper Fidelis


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      Originally posted by Charley Brown View Post
      An intelligent troll isn't outed until they are ready to be. This nonsense may help catch weak or inexperienced trolls, but not the good ones, trust me.
      Touche - the best person to spot a skilled troll is another equally skilled troll hopefully one whose abilities are currently aimed on the side of the community leadership. . .. Skilled trolls can make excellent allies, a few are even worth calling friends. The stupid trolls are well -crunchy when fried just right :hahugh:
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