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Should one do a spell to benefit someone else without there knowledge?

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  • Should one do a spell to benefit someone else without there knowledge?

    Just wondering about opinions out there (believe me, I KNOW there will be no concensus!!)...

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    why not send some energies for them

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      When I was Christian, a friend of mine did so for me with me only finding out years later and I never objected.
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          Fence Sitter here...

          I personally wouldn't do a spell without permission, but I don't see any harm in sending positive energies...I know in a way it is sort of the same thing, but I suppose I make the difference because whilst you can sort of 'explain away' sending energies as a positive wish or whatever, a lot of people just seem to have a bit of difficulty accepting the word 'spell'...there are still so many negative connotations to it in the public mind, I know a few people who would be freaked out if I said I had done a spell for them no matter how much I might tell them that it was positive lol :kooky:

          Also I do have some catholics in my family, who would not like it just because they see anything related to 'THE OCCULT' (DUHDUHDUHDUHHHHH )as negative and would not want to be associated with anything vaguely occult because they are afraid their big guy upstairs wouldn't like it lol...although my sister is Catholic and didn't mind me doing a healing spell for her, so I guess it is a very personal thing whether people object or not.

          Having said that though, it seems to be totally acceptable for Christians to say prayers for us without our permission, so I guess you could look on it as a Pagan version of that? At the end of the day as my 'topic line' says I'm a doomed fence sitter on this one because I can kind of see both sides lol , although in practice I tend to err on the side of caution and get permission.


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            I really don't know...I guess I'm fence sitter on this.
            If I don't really know the person, or the situation they are in, then I don't think I will. However if I loved them, understood their situation, and have tried everything physically to help but nothing happens, then I will use magic even if they don't know or understand.
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              it is a case to case decision

              a prayer for someone sans asking them, as well as a spell

              the prayer is the lesser form of energy work, so to speak.

              the prayer, is ASKING the devine to alter the fate
              the spellwork, is active attempt to alter the fate

              what should be considered it is the motivation for the spell

              is it really because you want to help the being in question

              or is it because you are trying to feel better, less helpless and/or trying to heal your inner wounds by it.


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                Originally posted by Danubhe
                Just wondering about opinions out there (believe me, I KNOW there will be no concensus!!)...
                As always, do what you think is right.


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                  If in order to benefit your friend another person is harmed then there would be a problem otherwise I don't see a difference in casting a positive spell or saying a prayer or making a wish - it's all good energy.
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                    I generally ask unless circumstance prevents me from doing so or it's a case like suicide where they aren't going to be reasonable. That goes for spells and prayers. Sending energy is such a simple thing that I generally don't ask, because really, who has a problem with generic warm fuzzies? People send out energy whenever they're thinking of someone (although it's not as foccused, usually) so that's hardly anything one would be ethically against.
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                      I have.................
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                        Sure. ^^


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                          I can see how fence-sitters feel, but for me, I'm for it, as long as you know the person well enough to know that the magick is acceptable, & they wouldn't fight off the energies. For example, without asking specific permission, I aided my sister in getting 2 jobs & a house. I'm thinking of doing some stuff for her again. I know that she knows I do this, but I'd rather not activate any possible skepticism on her part by telling her specifically that "I am going to do a spell for you". My mother is always telling me to "light candles" for her, so what if I put in a little something extra while I'm at it?? Again, she knows I do stuff, so if I say, "I did something" for you, I think that would be enough. Thanx for the opinions!
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                            I think it would be ok to do a spell to help someone without there knowledge because you'd be helping them or at least trying to, besides sometimes if you told someone you were going to cast a spell they'd probably just think you were deluded/insaneso it wouldn't make any difference, anyway those are my thoughts.


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                              I haven't got a problem with that in some ways - sometimes people have ways of asking for help without actually saying it. I am always wary of just sending general energy. If it's to do with an illness - I really weigh it out as the way I work there are different ways of working energy to deal with different illnesses eg you don't want to feed something with energy if that's what it does as a disease. Also I have encountered those who just generally leave energy about for others to pick up - unfortunately in this world you can't rely on everyone being sensible or best intentioned... So, I would work magick to help others but with serious thought - after all what you think may be right for them may be what you wish but may not at the end of the day be exactly what they need.

                              Hope that made sense!


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