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    a loved one that's dying? My sister is in the last stages under hospice care bow totally comatose and was just wondering what all possibilities that I could possibly do? My nephew her oldest has had a preacher come in and pray with them all and pray over her but...just thought I would see what else one can do.....

    Hope all had a really great Thanksgiving! Brightest Blessings....
    [SIGPIC] Kim

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    When my mother slipped away in May, I kept it simple, and just prayed. I'm devoted to Hekate, so I just prayed to Her that my mother's passing be smooth and that she know peace. My sister, who was there, said that mom said she was calm and ready when the time approached. I don't know if my prayers helped her or no, but they certainly helped me.

    I'm sorry, Kim. :hug:
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      My mom's not in hospice yet. She's in rehab but doing poorly. I too was thinking about what I could do. So far I've been thinking about process and change. Maybe water -- filling her glass and saying a silent prayer for her comfort? We all live in the same place so I've been taking extra effort to clean and organize -- making ready in the apartment but also inside me. Growing old and dying is not an end. I've always been fond of the coins to pay the ferryman. So, maybe making a token or choosing the jewelry she will be buried with? Once I read about a potter who made a jar out of clay to hold her sorrow -- when it was full she put the lid on it and went on with her life. Another favorite is planting a tree or bush to honor the life but also to carry it on for the generations (much better then a tomb stone!) -- even better if it produces fruit or flowers. I'll keep thinking about this.
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        The most difficult thing as I found out myself nearly a year ago is facing the fact that there is very little you actually can do. My only advice is respect her wishes, be with her as often as you can and pray in your own way that her passing is peaceful.
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          Well so far she is even more comatose? They say than she was yesterday.. (How can 1 be more than before? Comatose is COMATOSE) I assume maybe her breathing cause they wont put her on a breathing machine just a mask.. I had already took her a goddess/healing poppet my last visit and right now I'm sick so hubby says no t me going up there to the home not just for her sake but for the other patents.... So back to just waiting! So will light a candle maybe and check out some more about the Gods and Goddess's that handle the souls passage maybe? Thanks for your responses, just will be glad when it is over for her and her kids.

          (Personally I think she is already gone just the shell doesn't know it yet. I heard her voice last night right before bed and dreamed of her all night which I have never done before!) so... one never knows truly.....
          [SIGPIC] Kim


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            Some excellent advice here, and ultimately I'm with those who say that there isn't anything you can do to improve her situation. The step now is to help her prepare for the transition. In bereavement counseling work they often talk about ritual as being anything we do to solemnize and celebrate the passing, it will help both you and her. Funerals are infact magical rituals. I would ask what you think you both need right now, and afterwards what will be the best way you can mark her life and help her in whatever afterlife she believes in? Is there any ritual you can do now to help her go through this process, because death IS a process. It sounds as though you've already started the bereavement process yourself. An example that comes to my mind is the Tibetan Buddhist reading of the book of the dead to both the still living body and the soul after the body has died.

            असतोमा सद्गमय। तमसोमा ज्योतिर् गमया।
            मृत्योर्मामृतं गमय॥
            ॐ Om Asatoma Sadgamaya, Tamasoma Jyoti Gamaya, Mrityoma Amritam Gamaya ॐ


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              Well, she passed yesterday morning at 6:43 and have spent all day yesterday and will also spend today trying to be of some use to her 2 kids that are in charge of things.... For the religious side of the family have ordered a Mass to be said Wednesday, they had a preacher come and ??? whatever the night before so...

              Then will tend to the things one can on this side of things.... sometimes its hard to walk between the 2 but also impossible to give up one as well it seems. Thanks so much for your replies! Brightest Blessings.....
              [SIGPIC] Kim