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  • Unexpectedly Better Protection

    To give some backstory, my immediate boss has taken to bullying several coworkers and myself. In the past few months it has gotten worse. We had spoken with the owner regarding this but our boss acts differently around the owner so the owner had no proof of what was occurring. When they would confront my boss, he would flat out deny it. Which meant that mundane actions were not able to work toward a solution.

    So I did a protection spell for myself on the last full moon. A type of mirror spell so that my boss' actions may reflect back to him rather than affect me and my coworkers. It was a low energy spell as I haven't had much energy lately. My thoughts were to refresh the spell every so often to keep the mirror up.

    Then this last weekend everything kind of blew up. My boss was so bad that outsiders were complaining about his treatment of staff. These complaints got back to the general manager who took them to the owner. So, now that there is proof, they are able to do something about it.

    But, as well as that protection, my husband took me to the doctor because of how my body was handling the stress of this situation. And I was put off work for several weeks while I go to therapy for my anxiety disorder.

    Now that I'm able to look at it, it seems as if the spell worked a bit more than I was expecting (not a bad thing as I didn't realize how much protection I really needed).

    But I was wondering what I should do now? With how well the spell worked, I don't know if I need to refresh it or if I even should. Does anyone have any insight with this?

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    Personally, I recommend that people only use reflection-based magic (especially on others) if they've met their shadows, which is generally not something people do early in their studies (although there are probably exceptions, and I have no idea with what you're generally comfortable). Reflection magic tends to bend the user's energy - as well as the subject's - back toward him/herself. Your boss got a double dose of the anger he'd been manifesting, but you got an equivalent dose of fear. If your spell seems to have achieved its goal, great. There's probably no need to keep it up. But, if it didn't work, then you might still want to, at the least, pause the spell until you're sure it's the best and safest type for you to use.
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