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A big hello from a paper witch (not really)

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  • A big hello from a paper witch (not really)

    First, Hello everyone! I am glad to being here and I have a question. I would like to explain myself as well but I don't have really time for it. But I will do it of course. Well,
    I love words and languages, they are amazing and yet tricky. I don't call myself as a wiccan but I love working with words, languages (also simply paper :O) if I make something spell-ish (for healing& banishing negativity). Till one or two days ago, I was tearing the paper (which I wrote something on it) up to release its energy/magick.

    So, is it possible to use water or a pen which dries on paper mins later (becomes invisible etc.) in a spell like mine to release the magic in it?

    f not, what can I do to release? What should I do?
    I am truly open to any ideas, thank you!

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    Maybe a water Buddha bowl? I don't know how effective it would be for spells, but definitely for meditations.
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      Depends what results your looking for, so many different types of magick it would make your head hurt..
      For example if I wanted to perform a healing spell on myself I would use a drop of my blood mixed with a drop of lavender and write the spell out on piece of paper then burn on a white candle to enact it...
      If it's for someones else just leave the blood out and write their name in the spell instead...hope this helps