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Do you feel energy building when planning a ritual?

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  • Do you feel energy building when planning a ritual?

    I'm a new witch. I'm planning my second ritual (I am solitary by the way), I noticed both the first time and even more this time that when I'm planning the energy is already building ready for the time. Maybe because there is a lot of visualisation going on? Anyway, just wondered if this is common, if others experience this?

    Also do you find you have speed dial access to those energies you raised, after the ritual? That happened to me recently, I was a bit blown away by it. I didn't plan it just happened.

    Thanks !

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    Have to admit I find it interesting when people say they find "Energy" present when they do ritual planning. Myself, to be honest I do not. That is not to say I do not experience things but it is not the building of energy, if the planning did that then there would be o need for the ritual / ceremony / event itself.

    What I personally tend to find is during the planning process I find my senses tend to become hyper aware as I focus upon my purpose. My clarity of though about my ritual / ceremony gets clearer and more defined which makes my thoughts seem sharper and more detailed and powerful. That in turn seems to empower my purpose as it gives me strength and confidence behind my planning and structuring. My doubts vanish and certainty remains. Yet that is not energy it is clarity or purpose and intent. It is in some ways the attainment of confidence in my self and my abilities and purpose. It sort of transends from the notion of "I think I can" to 'I know I can" which is empowering of ones self. But that is not energy that is esteem and self will and certainty of success. That you can speed dial into with each successive accomplishment.

    But as I said that is not the energy raised during ritual / ceremony or event. That's called confidence in ones own abilities and success and achievements.


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      I experience what you're talking about. I run through it a lot in my head and I visualise not just what I plan to Work when I'm there, but I visualise the event as well, like any rehearsal, with the gathered people, the tools, the steps. I am not solitary anymore, I practice with an eclectic group, so there's a theatrical element because 20+ people want to feel involved. It's more than just my personal energy. I need to build the tension and, yes, energy, in a way that other people can feel to. So I find it helps to practice out loud, going through the motions just as I would on the night, to see what builds and flows, and what doesn't.
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        I have. It didn't happen right away though. I thought it was me. That maybe I wasn't "doing something right". It took me a while to realize that everyone is different. I don't "feel the energy" every time, but I have had that feeling.

        I feel it a lot during yoga class. I have to remember to ground myself before going to class. So much energy bouncing around that room.
        It's been minutes, it's been days. It's been all that I remember. <3


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          I used to think it was energy, and maybe in a sense it is, but I also just feel more clearly during rituals, I'm more aware, details are more vibrant. I'm thinking that perhaps while many say "raising" energy is what happens during a ritual, it could also be that the energy around you is more noticeable because you're more in tune with it.
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            Absolutely! The process begins the minute your mind decides to do it.
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              This is an old post, but just had to put this out there. I noticed that everything goes silent when I begin things. The air almost stops moving and time stops kind of feeling.

              Other times i would get heart palpitations after lighting a candle. I noticed it all depends on what type of work it is and what energy I’m drawing up or (down). Different spells have different feels to them.