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enchanting words -- need help fixing a spell

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  • enchanting words -- need help fixing a spell

    I tried a new type of spell (I'd never done this type before) and...well, it didn't work. Not sure what I did wrong. That, or it needs some more time to work on it's own???? Anyway, I guess basically what I was doing was enchanting a couple of words (to be combined with magickal gestures). Like, I say what is supposed to happen when I say the word/gesture in the spell and then, in life I say the word/gesture and that thing happens. Except it didn't.

    I did it in a magic circle, I listened to music for about a half an hour in the circle to get myself in the right mindset, got some energy going, did the incantation (repeated it 3 times), sent the energy on it's merry little way. Didn't feel that feeling you get when the spell finishes where you just kind of know it worked, so I tried sending the energy out a couple more times.

    I waited a few days to try it out, and when I did....nothing. As it is, I was just guessing at how to do the enchantment. Any ideas on what went wrong or how to fix it?