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Animal Totems, Familiars, Power Animals,What are they, is there a difference?

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    Animal familiars and totems have certainly proven themselves to those who wish to find them (and even to those who haven't). My personal totem (and also as a Therian, my furry counterpart :D) is a wolf by the name of Ayana. In dreams and visions I often see through his eyes, smell with his nose, even feel with his skin. truly an amazing experience each and every time.

    I wonder if I came across my familiar (in this case defined as a physical representation of Ayana) when I was little, though I haven't seen him in the physical world since due to lack of opportunity. I used to live in rural Pennsylvania where there was a forest behind my house. one late spring at age 6 or 7, i don't even remember, i was running around back there and stumbled upon a few cubs in a den. being so young, i had no concept of fear or foresight, so I approached and started playing with them. from what I have learned, they usually play dead when they encounter an unfamiliar scent. instead, they took an instant liking to me as if I was one of them. even the mother wolf, whose watchful eyes I saw spying from close by, didn't do a thing. i swear, i even saw a grin.

    could one of them have been Ayana and I hadn't even realized it?
    "All good things are wild and free."
    - Henry David Thoreau



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      I never got deep into animal or totem work. But was always aware of them around me, and defiantly heard a few messages very clearly from them. What has been strange for me is moving from a place with a variety of wildlife (suburban-rural lines) to a place with muuuuch less (a city.) I took for granted the presence of those animals that had become particular to me. At first i just felt 'wow I haven't seen them in awhile... oh wait, they don't live here.' The animals that are here in abundance I notice, and I do believe they have their own energy and influence related to the city, however, I'm feeling discomforted by the sudden difference.