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    at BEST they are a complete nuisance, that you can sort of muddle along with. occasionally very entertaining, maybe even fun sometimes. I have them where I am. I've grown quite fond of these specific ones, even if they're a pain in the backside about 90% of the time.

    at Worst. well, that doesn't bear thinking about really, does it. at worst they can be very dangerous, deliberately spiteful and malicious, and beyond reasoning with.


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      I know I have been watched in the woods when I hike. Just recently "saw" something from the corner of my eye behind a tree. I'm not sure what it was, but it didn't want me to see it full on anyway. I just know I was being watched.
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        I know I always felt things around me and wondered if it was fearie. I've read a lot about fairies over the years and hopefully one day I'll come across them as I'm meditating. I remember as a kid though that I was afraid of my basement and believe it was a elf or something spiritual down there cause I could of sworn I saw eyes peeking out from under the basement steps.

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          Could need your advice concerning the faeries:
          In summer I live on a camping-site in the woods. My outdoor-cat prefers a clearing just besides the site. I feel a very strong presence there, neither good nor evil, just totally different and somewhat scary. I think it could be faery. When I arrive there, I greet them very respectful, beg them to watch over Moshi, my cat, and offer them something from me, a smear of blood, some hairs and beg them to take this instead of my cat....can't imagine to loose him in these woods, even he is a skilled outdoor-cat and knows this area very well. I also offer them crystals and my own food. When I visit and pick up Moshi in the evening or at noon, I always have some food for him - and the faeries. And promise them a fine crystal the day we shall leave and all the cats are secure in the car, ready to go home. Last year I celebrated Lunasagh on this clearing, just before it became dark, and it was a great experience.
          The day of the departure last year, the worst happened: I took him out on a leash, but he managed to get out of it and vanished into the forest. I already had placed a clear crystal under a certain tree. So I removed it, very angry, and announced that they would not have it back before Moshi was not safe in the caravan again. He came home at his unsual time, and the next morning before the departure, the crystal was at it's place.

          But now I feel scared by all these stories about the malvolence of faeries. I have to communicate with the entities who inhabit this clearing. Moshi likes to be there most of the time. So, do I do the right things, offering them something from me so that they do not need to keep my cat? And treating them with high respect? On the other hand, it is foolish not to treat nature spirits with respect and respectful love... I have never had any negative experiences, but I also never felt such powerful and somewhat frightening energies like those on the clearing. There are other parts, where I feel just nothing, and Moshi prefers this patch of land....
          Any comments to this all? THANK YOU A LOT!
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            I don't see fairies as malevolent. They are certainly mischievous, though. Their perspective is inhuman and completely alien to our way of thinking, but it strikes me as extremely different, not malevolent.