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  • Familiar meditation experience

    I'm new and not sure if this topic fits here, but since it's about an experience, I think it does. If not, I'm sorry.

    So I read about a way to get in touch with a possible astral familiar by using meditation. Not sure if it was on here or another website. It involved basic meditation and then stating your intent on contacting an astral familiar. Let me go ahead and say this: I'm kind of a newbie when it comes to magic. I can't have an altar or cast circles, since I live with my parents. I'm still in the 'broom closet' if I can put it that way.

    I start this meditation, which I'm still learning to do through experience, and state my intent. I'm not sure if what I felt and saw next was what I wanted to happen or what really did 'see'. Suddenly, everything wasn't just still and black, but everything was shifting. After being confused for a few seconds, I figured out that it felt as if I were floating in the ocean during a storm. Rough waves, etc. Then a procession of objects began, a few of which I remember. Two balls, one in front of the other. The first was covered in blue flame, the second I barely saw and don't recall it's appearance. Then a flash of blue fur seemed to pass before my eyes, and disappeared. I was suddenly looking at a series of high ivory pillars, and coiled around one looked to be a Chinese dragon with blue on it's (his?) back. When I asked what it's name was, the name "Jeremy" popped in my head. Odd name, but I know someone named it possible that the dragon or serpent pulled a name out of my head that he liked? I didn't get any more responses, but a gold amulet with something engraved on it flashed into view. I think it ended then, and I woke myself up.

    I have done astral meditation before, in which a green Western dragon named Jessica (again, a name of a friend of mine) came. I quit a few years back, when I was young and silly (not saying I'm not young and silly still). However, I've never really felt any presences of dragons around though. But when my cats start staring over my shoulder and behind me when nothing's there...that's when I get the feeling that they're seeing what I can't. I also love dragons, and have several figurines and drawings (by me) of them. I've read several times that this helps attract their attention.

    So am I just imagining all this, or what?
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    Wow! I can't believe nobody responded to this in all these months!

    I propose that imagination is just another form of reality. Think on that a while, and you'll reconcile that question for yourself. I can't answer it for you, because it all depends on how open you allow your mind to become. Another thing I've learned is that accepting the experiences that come to you allows more experiences to come and more easily. Doubt blocks them. Again, how open do you want to be? I try to be completely open and accepting, and that isn't always easy to do. The men in the white coats haven't come for me, yet. :hahugh:

    As for the dragons, I would suggest surrounding yourself with draconic symbols. By that, I mean your statues and your drawings. Listen to them as to where in the room they want to be. (If you get a feeling of unrest from one part of your room, there's something unhappy there.)

    I hope I was able to help. I'd love to talk more, although dragons are kind of new to me. I used to be heavy into Unicorns. Actually, I'm pretty eclectic as to which other-wordly beings I have around.
    If you're looking for a pissing match, please look elsewhere. I know what I can do, and don't need to defend it, or be competitive about it. I don't enjoy conflict, so please choose someone who does. Sincere questions are, of course, welcome. Blessed be.

    I have a blog now at LiveJournal. It's uncut raw emotion, so proceed with caution, if that sort of thing bothers you.

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      Thanks! I was kind of shocked to see an actual reply...I just happened to be passing back through and saw a topic with my name on it.

      I have a few dragon items in my possession; I guess I should put my newest ones in my bedroom where I do all of my meditation. I've actually slacked off on that. *slaps self on hand*

      Your suggestions actually help a lot. I have a problem with doubting myself (self-esteem, mostly) so now I'll just have to try to accept whatever my mind brings on. It's a bit hard to believe that my mind makes all that up on the spot, anyhow. Also, I like to be completely open. I've nothing to hide.
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      Athena is my inspiration