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what can somebody meet in a dark forest during initiation?

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    Who you gonna call ?

    Originally posted by aluokaloo View Post
    it also depends on who/what you're going to call. Deities? Totems? Land Spirits? Forest Spirits? Elementals? Fairy Folk?


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      Originally posted by Shawn Blackwolf View Post
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        It sort of depends.
        What is your initiator calling down/up? What wards are/aren't going to be put in place? Will there be a circle or barier?

        If they're calling up or down something, it will be there. In addition there will be things which are attracted to the spiritual atmosphere. Warding the space will prevent these things from entering into the ritual environment, which is imperative in initiatory rites. It's a state of openness and fragility that you really don't want to fuss with. Circles also play into this to contain and direct the power, though not every tradition uses them.

        The type of woods will change what approaches. Here in the post-oak backwoods of Oklahoma we have the physical deer, and the nonphysical fauns. We have balls of colored light, and giant luna moths that like to flap right into your face during rituals. We have night birds, big owls... and a few things that like to pretend to be those things.

        Your local spirits -will- vary. The type of ritual changes what approaches (Initiatory rites for beginning degrees are not usually overtly cthonic, just cthonic enough, but other types of initiation ARE). The level of seriousness in a ritual changes what comes to witness, or mess around. The level of "weight" in a ritual does as well.

        To be short about it: I really have no idea what might show up to your initatory ritual. I suggest asking your initiator, assuming they're willing to answer.