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having a really hard time finding my spirit animal.....

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  • having a really hard time finding my spirit animal.....

    my past spirit animal was very easy and apparent to me when i found it for the first time, that one has (over a period of time) left and now i need a new one. i went on a vision quest, put ash leaves under my pillow to stimulate spiritual dreams and nothing seems to work. i just cant seem to do it and its looking pretty frustrating from here.

    any advice would be helpful, thanks alot

    Peace and Light

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    who says you need one?
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      i guess i dont necessarily NEED one, but in my beliefs its close to essential and very helpful to have.

      Peace and Light


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        In my opinion, wait. It'll appear when you need one, not when you want one.
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          thats what i've just been telling myself, it just seems that you should be able to find one if you lose yours

          Peace and Light


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            I would wait till it comes to you. What do you feel connected to? Do you dream about a certain animal? When the time is right, it will show up when you least expect it.
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              Chances are your spirit animal is there already you're just looking too hard. I mean heck, I've got bees! Who looks for bees when you could have the amazing raven, the oh so awesome wolf?

              Sit, breathe, and pay attention to your surroundings. You'd be surprised.
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                I do not know how long you had your other spirit animal but I wonder if you might now have parts confused. You probally do have a spirit animal or guide that is there in the background. That one is probally guiding you via dreams or inspirations that seem to just appear.

                If you have one that is very active you might simply be experiencing a spirit teacher that is to get you past a certain point or teach a certain lesson. Many times those are very active and seem to be always present. Yet their presence is as I said, more of a immediate teacher vice a long term guide.

                One may have many spirit guides or animals over the course of their lifetime. One may have periods where the primary guide is in the background and rather unobtrusive.

                Guides are teachers, and like many teachers they only come forward when they are needed. You may simply be at a point where you are to ponder and think upon the lessons of your last guide and figur eout just what it's medicine was and how it impacts upon your life.

                When the next one is needed it will appear though you may not even know it is there.