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Is it wise to invite fairies?

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  • Is it wise to invite fairies?

    Hello all. I've never had any experience with fairies, although I've always believed in their existence. However I'm moving to a new house soon, and there's something peculiar about the garden...I truly believe there are fairies there.

    My question is - is it wise to try and attract the fae? My heritage is mostly Irish and Scots and they don't believe you should mess with the fairies. In Celtic folklore fairies can be tricky and unpleasant. I don't know a lot about it, really. I just know that I feel something special is in this garden.

    Any advice would be appreciated

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    The best advice I can give is to read and decide what kind of fae you like to attract and then put out things that would be attractive to them.

    And if you should have any direct encounters with them mind your manners at all time.
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      (In before Love-and-light-the-world-is-rainbows)

      The reason they are called the Good Ones, Fair Folk, Little People, Friendly Neighbors, Kindly Folk ...etc. Is because people were absolutely terrified of them.

      You didn't talk about them, because it drew their attention. You didn't speak ill of them because it drew their ire. You didn't think about them, look at them, summon, stir, or call them up.

      You, when required, politely thanked them for not stealing your children, souring your milk, blighting your crops, or killing you the last time you had to take the cart to the next township and remarked with great trepidation "My, they're such fair and kindly folk!"

      Think of The Kind Host as a group of children on halloween. They run amok when displeased, insulted, or disappointed. The best you can hope for, with the majority, is that they leave you unscathed.

      Is it wise to invite 'fairies'? No. No more wise than it is to put out a blanket invitation for everyone in the city to come visit your house. These strangers, once attracted, aren't easily shut out so it's good to get to know them before giving them entry.

      You probably don't want a banshee around, but you might very much wish to deal with the individual piskie hanging around your flowerbeds. The unseelie in the local lake is probably not a good dinner companion, but the gnome under the oak on the old Jenkins farm might be open to a conversation or three...etc.

      The trick is that these are local, individual, beings. You need to have a reason to know them, and be interesting to them. Just like folks in real life. :P
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        My friend's home is INFESTED with Fairies. They've worked out a deal. There is a Fairie Tree in the back yard that they decorated with shiny things, baubles, etc.

        In mischief. Or at least minimal mischief.

        And we're relatively certain that the reason they're so prevalent is because of my friend's 18 month old, who talks to... what we assume, is them. Because she tracks things with her eyes that we can't see, and starts babbling. Really cute actually.
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          I started working with the fae through brain froud's faerie oracle cards and have had really beautiful experiences with them. As long as you are respectful and promise to dance with them you'll be on good terms. What i do to ensure that i'm working with the 'right' group of fae ... is I ask my guides to filter for me. I ask my guides and guardians to make sure to contact me with the right elemental beings. <3 It's worked for me.

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