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Our bond is sooooo what do I do with it?!

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  • Our bond is sooooo what do I do with it?!

    I have four cats but one is extra special. He was a feral kitten I met outside. I fed him for a few weeks before catching him. At first, he was scared and just hid. But when I took him for his first vet visit, I took him out of his carrier and held him real close against my chest so he could hear my heartbeat. He was shaking and terrified. But he eventually calmed down. The next few days I held him like that again, and like flicking a switch, I was his new mom. He would explore, but ONLY if I was nearby. He adjusted very well, and now, you can't tell him from your typical cat. There's no clue he was once wild.

    But our bond is RIDICULOUS. My husband makes fun of it. Sometimes I have to kind of sit back and just think about it, and it's like "...whoa. This is really, really something." This cat, he has actually learned human behaviors from me! He knows that human moms kiss their kids so he'll try and put his lips on my face as a kiss, and won't stop unless I make a kissing sound. Every night he curls up with me and cuddles with his arm around my arm just like people.

    A few hours ago I was feeling really low; I have terrible depression problems and I frequently struggle with suicide. I was feeling as though I might need help before hurting myself. All of a sudden, my kitty came over from behind the couch and sat on my leg. He was watching everything around like a guard. He's never done this before - he prefers sitting next to people, not on laps. It amazed me.

    (As an aside, I've never bought that whole "the cats rule the house" thing...all my cats always, ALWAYS act like they are my personal bodyguards. They are so protective. I always feel like cats think they have a divine destiny to protect their humans. Who knows, maybe they do.)

    SO, now that you've read my sickeningly sweet novel...what the hell do I do with a bond like this, magically? I definitely consider him my familiar. I can feel strong, powerful energy when we're together. I feel like I'm channeling the Goddess and all of her powers of protection and love. I know that strong love = strong magic. I want to use this power of love for magical good. Suggestions? How did YOU begin working with your familiar?

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    To start with your last question.... this I cannot answer.I do not use my Brother Cat for magic. But I understand your bond with this cat - I have a very strong connection too to one of my cats - We communicate telepathically, and he teaches me to sense more and more.
    But what you shall do with this bond? Praise yourself lucky and chosen by this. And love back! The love of an animal reaches deeper than any human love - because it is not human.
    But it is possible too that someone from your family or a former pet who you loved dearly, l has incarnated into your kitten, to protect you and to share your life.... I would thank my deity every day for this bond. As I do for Moshi, my beloved Cat Soulmate and Brother.
    Panta rhei

    En erebos phos


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      Originally posted by ant┘ła View Post back!
      That's exactly what I was going to say. Love that special kitty.