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Have you ever met a very friendly and outgoing Faery who enjoyed human interaction?

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  • Have you ever met a very friendly and outgoing Faery who enjoyed human interaction?

    To preface my situation, I should impart the following information: I have been a "faery person" since I was a child. My parents and older relatives told me I used to say that I talked to them as well as played with them. (When I was little, I was often outside.) Additionally, I have also always been highly psychic and I have reached a point in the development of my psychic awareness/mediumship where I KNOW that I can accurately intuite a spirit's intentions and honesty. From what I've read, there is a very strong anti-Fae sentiment here which doesn't surprise me - from what I've noticed, there is a chosen few individuals who can sense and understand their perceptions alongside communicating with them.

    Most of my experience in faery-related literature and real life has instilled a great sense of caution when dealing with these sensitive creatures, to expect a degree of hesitancy and ALWAYS remain respectful.

    I attend an art college with a student population comprised of artists, bohemians and other progressive-minded, liberal folk who are conscious about the protection and appreciation of Mother Earth. Recently, I started reconsidering pursuing further relations with the Fae folk but due to a recently-released spirit attachment, I was cautious because I understand that one must be very grounded in order to commune with the Fae and not summon an ill-intentioned spirit of any sort. On Imbolc Eve, I left an offering of 2 cookies out before a tree. I truly had no intention of making contact with a faery, although Sabbat night offerings are mainly intended for them. I may have left offerings before this tree before, but I may have not as well - I'm pretty sure this was the first time but the former may also be true. The next morning, a Dryad comes to me in my living room (through my front door because I had officially "invited" him) and he gushes to me about how much he loves the cookies! (Something in sugar must resonate well with Fae.)

    (By the way: all of this information is being told with his consent.)

    I've never met such a human-friendly faery in the entirety of my life. He is very outgoing, energetic, LOVES to dance and fascinated by "human culture." He told me that he always wanted to go to a party - the campus becomes very alive on Friday and Saturday nights - but since no one invited him, he never did. He also that I was his "first human friend" and expresses deep love for me, being that he's been silently watching over me this whole time. He also wants to be known - my apartment mates and I had a party for him where everyone brought over sweets and gifts in his honor and drank. Another thing - this faery LOVES drunk people and drunken revelry in general. Perhaps this is due to his experience with living right in the heart of the most partied-out apartment complex on campus? He also recognizes that my college's population is FAR more liberal and nicer than the rest of the world.

    Here's my question: Have you ever met a very outgoing and benevolent faery? Even the few times I felt skepticism, he only replied with patience and understanding due to how faeries have full access to your knowledge and experiences. He feels very protective over me (and now, my residence) and loves me to pieces, far more than any other human. Also, do faeries absorb the energetic vibrations of their surrounding environment and the beings that dwell or pass through it?

    Wow, long post. SorrY!

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    hmmm. they like messing with us.

    the ones around here are quite fun, as long as you've got enough of a sense of humour to not mind being the butt of their jokes.

    I seem to be one of these people that Faeries find fun to hang around. which is a pain in the backside.
    but maybe I'm mellowing in my old age, I'm getting fond of them. I missed them when they weren't around.
    I don't trust them one bit. but I can enjoy some of our interactions a lot more than I used to.

    just wish they wouldn't wind the rats up.