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    How does one go about finding out what their Totem and/or Familiar is?

    I have strong feelings and energies for quite a few animals, but I'm not sure which is suppose to be my totem or familiar or if they could all be those things. I don't know the meaning behind them either, just that I have a strong liking to them...

    I love these animals: cats, bats, owls, crows/ravens, rabbits, stingrays, moths.... and I'm not sure why I have such a strong connection with them all...
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    The reality is if you want to follow the latest new agey type stuff then anything can be a familiar or totem. If your trying to follow actual historical and cultural facts then the reality is you probably will not.

    By culture a familiar is a non-earthly creature summoned or commanded by a person who practices High or Cermonial magics. Usually the familiar being some type of minor demon or daemon such as an Imp in most grimores. It is never ones pet regardless of the fact a pet being present in many neo-pagan practices during ritula or ceremony.

    A totem is also seldom an individual thing. Normally it is an identification of the clan or family one is born into and applicable to the family not the individual. As such you may have a mother and father totem derived from the various clans. A totem might also be a sign of a certian calling or sub-grouping within a tribal society. For instance you have Wolf Clan, Bear Clan, Turtle clan, etc based upon which month one is born in and which quarter one is born in though that can vary from nation to nation.

    Occasionally you'll hear of people being called forth by a totem that becomes more of a personal power animal / power guide. As such it functions not so much as a totem but as a guide and teacher. People often forget though that a guide / animal can also be an insect, a plant, a bird, a preditor or a prey creature. So while they have the medicine of the larger imagery of the creature they are not the great one that the totem would be drawn from. In that instance its sort of like you have a special cat that is your pet and companion yet it is not being represented as the great spirit of cat but the individual nature of that specific creature.
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