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What do you see in the flames of fire.

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  • What do you see in the flames of fire.

    I took this picture about two years ago, during the summer festival. When the Moon was as close as it was going to get to the Earth, in it's orbit. For the next 50 years. The fire was made in a stone magic circle. Be sure to use your eyes to see what is in the fire, just don't look at it or you will miss seeing what s in there. Hint here are only three beings in the fire.

    Click image for larger version

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    Are you sure there are only three?

    The most prominent thing i see, is an eagle or hawk, though it looks to have an owl's eyebrows.
    I can also see a bird within the bird, and the inner bird is more of a fire-drake or phoenix.

    The next thing i see i don't know what it is is, it's like a chubby dog with pronounced ears, four legged and sitting.
    The more i look at it the more it doesn't appear to be a dog.

    Thirdly i see a shapely upward flame making the form of a women, breasts and all.
    within part of her lower halve i see a mask or face...however despite that and a few other things....

    the top three are the falcon/eagle, demon-pug and the female form.
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      If you look to the lower left side you will see the Horned God, at the top is a Fire Dragon, in the center just off to the right is a Fir Elemental.