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  • Plush Familiars?

    I've been doing quite a bit of research lately on the possibility of having a stuffed animal/plush as a familiar. I've learned that it is entirely possible, and there are even people who make and sell plushes for this purpose.

    I personally believe that it's a brilliant concept, especially for those who don't like the idea of working with an animal, but still want a familiar, or someone who is not very good with animals.

    I have a plush familiar myself (a frilled lizard Beanie Baby named Nightmare Slayer). As his name suggests, he helps me sleep, and beyond that, keeps me calm. I have attention as well as anxiety issues, which make focusing on magick difficult, but Slayer keeps my mind from wandering. I've also "customized" him by rubbing rosewater on his nose and keeping crystals in his mouth.

    To me, a familiar is something you are magickally and spiritually connected with, and wants to be a part of your magickal practices, and so, I have a question: What do you think of having a stuffed animal as a familiar; do you think it is possible to have something other than an animal as a familiar? What about another human being?
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    I know this is a bit late but i see nothing wrong with you having a plush familiar. In a way i see it the same as me having dragons ( made in several materials ) about my home protecting it, helping me focus on different tasks and even one in my kitchen to take care of those pesky sprites that like to cause issues with my cooking. If it works for you then it is what you need.