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  • Charge of the Goddess

    I have found 3 different Charge of the Goddess. I thought there was only one. Is this something one writes for themselves?
    which witch?

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    Yup some people write their own versions, same with the Rede.


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      what is a Charge of the Goddess?
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        Lots of versions......

        There are some written for specific goddesses (i have a really nice one for Bridgid)........others are just about how they feel about the goddess.......

        choose whatever's right for you, or go with all of them......i love reading them..........
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          I believe the original 'Charge of the Goddess' was written by Doreen Valiente many years ago. It's a very beautiful poem. The first time I read it, I just started crying. I have printed out the different versions when I find them. I keep them in a binder with other poetry that I find meaningful and read through it when I get the urge.

          A lot of people have a tendency to write their own version. I've even written one myself. Here is a site with several different versions plus a lot of other good stuff:

          Just scroll down until you find it listed. There's a lot of stuff there but it's in semi-alphabetical order.
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            Great link!


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              What a great site. Thanks for the link!! You all should check it out if you haven't.
              which witch?


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                yeah, really cool link!

                the original of the 'Charge of the Goddess' was written by C.G Leyland in 1890 and appeared in his marvelous book 'Aradia'.
                Doreen Valiente elaborated on this in her version of the 'Charge' in (i believe) the 50's. there are quite a number of variations, most of which are based (sometimes rather loosely!) on Leyland's original.
                the 'Charge of the God' came about later (the 70's?).
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                  I usually use a part of The Charge of the Goddess in my sig line but I am giving it a break. I was treated like a sheep yesterday until I started butting heads and showed them I am a goat!

                  That amazing link went into my bookmarks

                  I was looking for a newbie to the boards thread...maybe I'll have to start another(!)one