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Book of Shadows.... Handwritten or Typed?

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  • Book of Shadows.... Handwritten or Typed?

    Alright, I've been considering starting my book of shadows.. but I hate to handwrite things.. Now from what I understand about the book of shadows, is that it's just a place for you to keep yourself semi-organized. A place to keep a record of all of your magical workings for future reference. Something like a magical diary of sorts.

    Now my question is:

    Does it matter to you whether it is hand written in a book or typed up and held in a computer?
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    personally, i prefer mine handwritten because it seems more personal to me. But thats just my view, i know someone who prefered hers typed. I guess it depends on the individual.

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      I just posted my answer to this a couple hours ago -
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        I love to type. Ever since I found my grandmother's typewriter as a kid I've looked for any excuse I could find to type things. Right now, I'm editing a novel, and I'm retying each successive draft. That's how much I love it. So, for me, typing my Witch's Almanac is a meditation.

        Other people much prefer the personal touch of writing it by hand. Motive probably plays a big part. If you type because you're crazy about typing, more power to you. If you type because you just don't feel like putting in the work that hand-writing will take, then maybe you need to hand-write it, for the discipline.

        But there's no rule saying that your BoS has to be one way or the other. Unless you come from a tradition that has a rule about that. Then, you know...there's a rule. :weirdsmil
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          It depends on the situation, I have a fondness for looseleaf binders, they can be rearranged at will and I have two, one is a main book of shadows and the other is a ritual guild called Casting Shadows that had nice large print that can be easily read by candle light.

          It also depend upon your handwriting. some people have pretty handwriting and some don't. I sure don't!! Early in my journey I was hand copying a book of shadows that a priestess had then I learned that it was the Lady Sheba one and I abandoned the copy job pretty fast.

          barring rules in your trad I think it is personal preference really. I know some people are using the scrapbooking fashion to construct gorgeous books of shadows, I'm intrigued but I'm not that kind of crafty and I think it'd look like a kid put it together if I tried.

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            I prefer handwritten, it feels more personal and like I've put my own personal energy into making my BOS.


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              I like both. For my personal use I write mine out and for the ones I am making my kids it is typed because I do not think that would be able to read my handwriting :D
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                I type. I type everything! Odd, I'm a writer but I really hate hand-writing. I've thought that maybe I am just lazy, but at the same time, I just don't see the point of hand-writing anything now-a-days. I do print what I type, and put it in a binder, but that's just to avoid the possibility of losing everything when my laptop catches fire. :D Lets hope not!


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                  handwritten seems to put you more in connection to the paper, the words the ideas, the intention....

                  but that's just my opine.
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                    Its up to you. Some people prefer typing, others writing, and even more (like myself) prefer to do both. It really depends on yourself and what makes you feel comfortable.
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                      I've tried both and I prefer to keep my book handwritten. I can tell a lot about what kind of a mental state I was in when I wrote an entry by the characteristics of my handwriting. It helps me to be able to read the words, but to also have this little insight into what was going on behind them at the time.


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                        I've been thinking that it'd be great to have both. I really like to have the ease of changing a typed book, but I'd like it feel even more like it's "mine", so I'm really considering creating my own handwriting font on and then using that. Sorta the best of both worlds.


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                          If I want to write legibly, it takes forever to write one page, and after one page, my wrist is aching. That being said ,I have four journals handwritten with notes, spells, rituals, insights etc. These journals are great, but I cannot rearrange or organize them. And four journals in- I can't remember which book a specific bit of info is in.

                          I also have a few large binders. My groups rituals are all typed up, and so is our groups reference BOS, as well as the handouts for our dedicant classes- so a lot of my info is typed up and printed out. I think the key to typing is to actually print it out. I would love to have a database with all my info cross referenced, but I know that computers often crash, and then I'd be left with nothing.

                          Any personal work, is handwritten in my BOS. I just feel like thats "right" for me. Any group info is typed to share. Maybe someday I'll re-write all of my BOS's and find a system easier to organize, but it really is neat when you are reading some 10-year old journalling that you did in your own handwriting.
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                            I do both. But whenever I type something on the computer I then have to print it out and glue it in to my BOS, which is a sketch book. And that gets messy. Also the book has no lines so when I write sometimes the lines that start out good and then progressively become slanted :weirdsmil.

                            Ah well, maybe in 200 years my desendants will find the book in the attic and regard it as a very authentic-looking magical tome :bigblue: (joke).
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                              Well...after writing 9000 pages by hand...

                              And , typing thousands of pages in posts...

                              I can tell you typing is a linear
                              operation...vertical , or horizontal...

                              And , at least my writing style , is highly
                              cursive...not for those print style...

                              I have registered a most definite difference ,
                              in the charge effect , and state of consciousness ,
                              when I use handscript...

                              I may place more energy , both psychic , and astral ,
                              into the words , when I do so...let alone , my hand
                              moving over the paper , the interchange on the
                              atomic , and subatomic levels...

                              And , if I mix my own inks ?

                              Use a Quill pen ?

                              Use my blood ,. mixed with the ink ?

                              My sperm ?

                              Remember...your Book of Shadows...

                              How much energy , do YOU wish to put into it ???

                              A computer cannot do this...hands on...count the vote...