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Book of Shadows.... Handwritten or Typed?

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  • I don't think it hugely matters.
    Mine is typed at the moment, but I am planning to put it to actual handwritten form soon enough. Just on a personal note, though.
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    • I think it depends on the person obviously. Everyone does things in their own way and what feels right to them. Personally for me this is actually something I struggled with when I first started out. I love keeping everything in my life very organized so a book of shadows really appealed to me but also in a way seemed like a chore so I wasn't sure I wanted one. I ended up deciding it would be beneficial and I really wanted a handwritten one but typing was just so much more convenient. So over time I kind of settled on a combonation of the two. I buy my book with blank pages and then type out and print my own content as well as any images or anything I want to add and then every couple of weeks take some time to scrap book it! It's kind of more fun for me that way since I am a more creative person. It may take a little more time but I think it looks a lot nicer (not that the objective of a book of shadows is to "look nice" but thats just the OCD in me lol.) Plus sometimes I just fill in more personal things by hand and thats also just as well.

      It's a really handy tool for me, keeps me super organized with my thoughts and my progress. :boing:


      • Mine is both actually. I have spiral bound notebooks just filled with anything of interest from spells, to runes, to phone numbers of folks to call about this or that doing with everyday life doc appointments, stuff about appliances just LITERALLY everything.
        (I really need to get these all cleaned up!)

        I also have downloaded several grimiores from different sites. All backed up on many, many, cds, thumb drives etc. Oye Vie! What a big mess....LOL
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        • I have a number of different ones. I have a handwritten mini one that goes with my travel altar, a handwritten one that sits by my regular altar for reference and notes, and a 2" 3-ring binder where I keep my typed and printed notes once I've organised them. I also have a notebook on Evernote for websites I've clipped to read later. So handwritten, typed, and digital :-p
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