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    I don't see having a "Patron" as being a goal. I build relationships with the Gods that I'm attracted to. Sometimes those relationships are short lived, and I move on. With others (Juno and Bast), the relationships have proven much longer lasting. As I am Kemetic Orthodox now, I don't have a Patron, I have a Parent, who was divined by the leader of my temple to be Bast. It should be noted that I don't mix my Kemetic with my Religio Roma. I prefer to honor them in somewhat traditional manners to their own history. I find it helps me to understand them better, and shows them respect.
    Sat Bast, meryt Serqet-Aset her Yenipu-Wepwawet her HetHert-Sekhmet
    "While I dance I cannot judge,
    I cannot hate,
    I cannot seperate myself from life.
    I can only be joyful and whole.
    That is why I dance."
    --Hans Bos