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Unknown sect- do you know it?

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  • Unknown sect- do you know it?

    While meditating, I've had recurring visions of a group of people in a forest. They wore masks and cloaks, and performed non-lyrical music, and formal dances to go along with the music. Do you know of such a sect? But on the other hand, a narrating voice said that it was "a time and place in the future", which suggests that the sect does not currently exist. It was these visions that got me interested in paganism.

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    It's impossible to say, really.

    I mean, there are so many covens and groups even within Wicca (not to mention Paganism as a whole) that it'd be nearly impossible to pick one out. Especially since many of these groups are secretive or eclectic in their worship.

    I would guess this vision is more personal and holds some other meaning rather than a sect to find.
    Perhaps it was symbolic of you wanting (or needing?) to find your own group to worship with? I have no idea as I'm not you, but you might want to look into elements of the vision.
    For example, masks and a cloak -- is that to hide? Protect? Be anonymous?
    Maybe you can see if your vision will on further and they'll remove their cloak and masks?

    Sorry I don't have more info, but I think if the vision is recurring it must have some message or meaning to you. It's only figuring out what it is!


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      On the surface my initial read reminded me of some things I read about the old Hell Fire Club of England but that mostly occured in caverns not the forest if I recall correctly and was mostly nobility or the so called Gentry of society. While I can't state I know of any group that acts in such a way I do wonder about one facet that stands out to me anyway. That facet is the opposites that seem to be implied. Cloaks and Capes to me implies non-structure and removal of uniformity and position. However, non-lyrical songs and formalized dance seem's to imply all the structure that the cloaks and capes want to remove. That to reminds me of some of the things I read about the old Hell Fire Club. Yet the thing there is the Hell Fire Club was a few hundred years ago not in the future as it stands at the moment.


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        Originally posted by MonSno_LeeDra View Post
        Cloaks and Capes to me implies non-structure and removal of uniformity and position.
        Removal of uniformity you say... Perhaps I should have mentioned that the masks and cloaks were identical to eachother.


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          The being totally identical reminds me of something I read of venetian society awhile public, all of them wore the same robes and masks to conceal identity I believe. Venice is not a forest though...