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I need help finding a pagan path to follow!

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  • I need help finding a pagan path to follow!

    Hello everyone!
    I have been a long time reader of Mystic Wicks (since 2007).
    I am looking for some path suggestions of where I should be.
    I am trying to narrow down my path, so I can focus on my spiritual development.

    I am attracted to witchcraft, crystals, tarot, runes, Wicca, and Norse gods. My confusion is due to the following:

    I dont believe in reincarnation; I dont believe there is just one God & one Goddess (that all other gods & goddesses are different "faces" of just one god & one goddess.) Not sure if I would be considered Wiccan with these beliefs.

    Can I combine Wicca and Norse Gods? If I am not Wiccan, is there a path where I fit in?

    I have read tons of articles online trying to figure out what path best suits me, so I finally decided to ask and see if someone can shed some light. Any suggestions?

    Thank you!
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    After much research and going through many YouTube videos, I have found some interesting links! I pasted them below in case anyone is interested. I will continue to search and learn...thanks!
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      Hi! There is no central authority that decides what Wicca is, so you will get varying opinions on whether you can be Wiccan with your beliefs and practices. In general I see it as a panentheistic, duotheistic religion that focuses on the celebration of the sabbats and includes following the rede. The wikipedia article on it is actually quite interesting - Do you celebrate the sabbats? Do you follow the rede? Do you cast a circle and honour the elements within it?

      Whether it's Wiccan or not, your path is meaningful to you and therefore is legitimate regardless of what others may call it. You can worship any gods you wish to. You can certainly draw inspiration from Wicca even if you do not call yourself Wiccan.
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        Thank you Rain Gnosis, your response helps clarify things for me. Thank you for responding!


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          Just go with what feels best for you. You dont need a label or specific path. Go with your gut and your heart.
          The Gods will understand and guide you.