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  • It seems that I have a LOT of work to do.:o

    Is there anyone who can help me with a pagan BoS? I am not shure how I feel about ritual, I always feel funny doing it. Why is this? Its not like I am doing it sky clad... so why do I feel so weird?

    As to all of you who have huge binders... I'm not worthy...:fpraise:

    Blessed Be


    • Originally posted by wiafgirl View Post
      It seems that I have a LOT of work to do.:o

      Is there anyone who can help me with a pagan BoS? I am not shure how I feel about ritual, I always feel funny doing it. Why is this? Its not like I am doing it sky clad... so why do I feel so weird?

      As to all of you who have huge binders... I'm not worthy...:fpraise:

      Don't worry about it. everyone has to start somewhere, I started with a blank hardcover book and it was almost empty for a long time, then it just started filling up. I suggest by writing out stuff about basic philosophy, astrology or whatever interests you.

      as for ritual, yeah it feels weird at first because in our society we only see things like that in movies and it's usually very exaggerated, and we are generally brought up to think that riligious ritual of that nature is silly, you'll get over it the more you do it untill it feels like a normal part of your day/week/month eventually.
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      • Right now mine is just a few notes for meditation, oils and herbs and such, a few other random notes, and me trying to find my path. But after reading everyone else's posts, I think I'm going to dig up an old binder and try to get organzied before it turns into a mess of random information.
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        • I have a "Bookmarks of Shadows" does that count?


          • Originally posted by Empress Stillnight View Post
            I have a "Bookmarks of Shadows" does that count?

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            • I'll go ahead and list my Table of Contents. This is from my first BoS (only I call it my book of stars hehe) and I might be revising it soon, but this helped me out tons when I first started.

              Section One
              v Book Dedication
              v Christian Ethics
              v Witchcraft Ethics
              v Favorite Quotes and Scriptures
              v Musings
              v Essays

              Section Two—References
              v Correspondences
              v Magical Alphabets
              v Definitions
              v Pictures
              v Timelines

              Section Three--Research
              v Herbalism
              v Stones and Gems
              v Chakras
              v Moons
              v Chinese Zodiac
              v Rosary
              v Auras
              v Worlds
              v Heaven and Hell
              v Astrology
              v Astronomy

              Section Four—Divination
              v Runes/ Results
              v Tarot/ Results
              v Pendulum
              v Scrying/Results
              v Pyromancy

              Section Five—Experiences
              v Prayers and Results
              v Spells and Results
              v Meditations
              v Rituals

              Section Six—Projects
              v Oil Blends
              v Brews
              v Bath Salt
              v Soaps
              v Incense
              v Sachets
              v Recipes
              v Crafts

              Section Seven—Christian Life
              v The Saints
              v The Angels
              v The Demons
              v Jesus/ Trinity
              v Biblical Figures
              v Denominations
              v The Plagues
              v Popes
              v Holy Days

              Section Eight—Pagan Life
              v Sabbats
              v Esbats
              v Tools
              v Buddhism
              v Wicca
              v Hinduism

              Section Nine—Creatures
              v Unicorns
              v Dragons
              v Totems
              v Faeries
              v Elementals
              v Others

              Section Ten—Native American
              v Cherokee
              v Powhatan
              v Lakota
              v Sioux
              v Pueblo

              Section Eleven—Deities
              v Hades
              v Persephone
              v Hera
              v Hestia
              v Eros
              v Psyche
              v Artemis
              v Isis
              v Bast

              Section Last
              v Websites
              v Library
              v Book Reviews
              v Altar Layouts
              v Inventory List
              v To Do List
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              • myself i have not started a book of shadows i have one its just empty,
                because i have yet to decide on which path im going to take,
                for instance some witches or wizards as the old term goes,
                stick to certain routes,
                and i havent found mine yet so i keep everything in my journals and within my dairies, for the time being besides i havent even gotten half the stuff it says you need in the apprentice guilde for wizards yet and so i am still collecting onto which i can afford, before i set out on my bos


                • I don't have a ton in mine right now. But I have the following:

                  - Information on dice divination.
                  - Myths on the Yggdrasil.
                  - Ways to mentally form a protection bubble.
                  - My personal alphabet.
                  - Runes and their meanings.


                  • I'm really happy this thread is alive again! I decided today that my Book of Shadows has fallen really behind in the last year or so out of laziness and my inability to handwrite pages and pages anymore due to wrist pain. Soooo...I decided to do the whole thing up on my computer using Microsoft OneNote, which I totally forgot I had. Easy to use, organize, back up on disk, and print out!

                    I'm still dividing it into sections and rearranging them, but so far the whole thing looks something like this:

                    Main Section:

                    *Book Blessing
                    *Statement of Beliefs
                    Prayers & Chants
                    Mythology & Deities
                    Energy Work
                    Spiritual Freewrites

                    Divination Section:

                    Tarot Info
                    Tarot Readings

                    Rituals Section:

                    Other Deities


                    Health & Healing

                    OneNote makes it really easy to add/move/remove sections as new things come along. Now comes the HUGE task of typing up my print BoS and adding all the info from the mass amounts of research I've been doing lately. Wish me luck! And thanks to everyone who has posted in this thread; it gave me some great ideas for organization.


                    • What I've noticed is that a lot of people seem to use it like they're trying to write a textbook, like it's aimed at other people.

                      for me it should be more personal. I do include information that I come back to check again, like more complex details on lunar cycles and how to use them (perigree/apogee) sp? etc, and correspondences, stories or poems that are useful to me in some way.

                      overall though, it comes over a lot more as a recipe book,

                      I don't include information on things that aren't a part of my path, as they are not part of my path. I am not using my book to teach other people about what I beleive, but rather to have a book of my things. my spells. my recipes. things that inspire me or make me think. I also don't include things that are ingrained in me, as I don't need to check them, as they come from within.

                      so it's more a personal reference book than a teaching manual.

                      I hope this makes some sense, and doesn't come over as bashing the other style. when I first started writing in a book, it did start out a bit textbooky, and then I realised what the book was really all about, and what it was for. and the style has changed entirely.


                      • I think it would depend on what you want from your book. While I dont put any information in it that I have nothing to do with, or that does not interest me, I do try to write it in a "teaching" sort of manner. I don't consider what I have a BoS, a BBoS maybe (big book of stuff). However, what I have is open to my family (my husband/kids and someday grandkids) and I hope to some day pass it on to one of my children. Maybe, I very well could end up buried with it depending on how things turn out lol.


                        I have lots of stuff in my book. Mainly about Tarot, Stones, Herbs, Healing/hexes/cures, protection, some "how to", etc etc etc.
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                        • Mine isn't exactly a book of shaodws, more my prayer/ritual book.

                          So, it's pretty much my prayers and ritual scripts. I also have a couple of bass lines in there, because I do not have a separate journal and individual papers get lost easily.


                          • Right now I have a black lined book for tarot readings, a small moleskine for a journal, and a large moleskine for prayers and information. I think I'll start a computer-based notebook as well, since I find it much easier to type and copy and paste things than write.
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                            • o have a few, this one is my actual path. the others are books from groups I've been in and grimoires i've worked out of.

                              I'm in the process of making it all nice and polished like but here is what the table of context looks like. Keep in mind that that it is not technically a book of shadows. It is a Cherokee medicine book that incorporates various techniques i have learned within the context of the worldview. it is a book of esoterica though, generally kept out of site having the means understanding and means of the praxis.. so yeah you could compare it to a BoS. Some of the things in here are very very old, while some things are my own work. it is a living tradition and every practitioners medicine book is tailored to their own means of tapping their medicine.
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                              • I've just created a new BOS for myself. I decided I wanted a dedicated book that I have with me during circle. Traditions. Spells. Blessings. I'm writing them all in a leather bound journal book. It's black. The only reason why I didn't buy myself the journal with the pretty purple cover was because the paper was lined. LOL

                                I dug out my old BOS that I created many moons ago. I've grown and learned a lot since then. It's a 3 ring binder that I was very proud of myself for creating it at the time. I've decided to purge some writings from it. I plan on using this book for general history and learning. The more "safe for public viewing" stuff will go in there while I'll keep my path traditions in my leather journal.
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