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Have any of you deliberately chosen your god or goddess?

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  • Have any of you deliberately chosen your god or goddess?

    Did any of you choose them instead of them choosing you? You know that you actively chose them. No waiting for signs and that stuff. Just found one/some you liked and connected to for some reason? If so why and how?

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    I have wondered if I chose my Goddess or if she chose me. I'm so drawn to Cerridwen, but I've yet to figure out why. It's kind of like she's spoken to me, but I wasn't open to hear her at the time.
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      Thanks Ducky, just wondering if others chose themselves instead of trying for divine intervention or something to that effect.


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        I chose Ganesh. When I tried working with him, it went all wrong. I got the opposite of what I asked for. He was ticked at me (I know why, now, lol).

        My goddess chose me, and things have been great ever since! I might try Ganesh again at some future date, but I'll form one relationship at a time for now.
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          i chose two of them on a whim (and i'm assuming they mentally pushed me on this, lol!): hypnos and thanatos. they are gorgeous, and i've always felt an incredible connection with them since.

          eros and aphrodite came to me. eros just popped in my room one day, sitting on my bed next to hypnos. i was like, oh, hi! lol xD and aphrodite... i felt an itching urge in my mind to embrace her. it was like she was calling to me, waiting for me to accept the fact that she'd chosen me.


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            No one has chosen me yet, but I am very interested in Epona. I haven't done anything about it yet, although I'm pretty certain that if no one else calls for my attention, she will be the one for me.


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              Mine chose me. I knew their names before I ever came to witchcraft, and they quietly stuck with me until I found the craft. Then, they sorta just were there. Brighid is just there...almost like a an old friend who says "hi, I was wondering when you'd call".....The Morrighan, though, is much more--oh, shall we say "vocal"? Less gentle (well, duh, right), sort of the "hey, dummy, 'bout time you figured this out."

              oh, yeah...and lately I've been oddly pulled to the Green Man & eagles.......apparently the male side is knocking at my door.
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                I chose my first 2 Bast and Isis. And it may have something to do with why they stopped having anything to do with me after a while. Then a month or so ago, after being 18 months or so without a patron, both Hekate and Lilith came to me. As far as a God goes, I've never had any contact with any of them. Not that I've closed my mind to them or not honored them. They just haven't contacted me.
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                  bastet and sekhmet both chose me....And I think that Isis is calling me. Also, rhiannon chose me, she is who drew me to this path.
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                    Both the Goddess and God came to me. They are Cerridwen, and Cernunos. They chose me after I waited for two years for a patron.
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                      Cerrudwyn came to me, as did Math; as God&Dess. Aodh and Dewi came as Guardians.
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                        *shrug* Of course I chose my goddess... in the end everyone does. Thing is it doesnt matter if a diety chooses you unless you follow them. Ive been visited by other gods, even the Christian one, and felt their presence... each time Ive been awed by it... and the first time I couldnt see how one could not worshop such a power. But just because you acknowledge something doesnt mean you agree with it, or that it can lead you.
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                          Originally posted by Grey
                          Of course I chose my goddess... in the end everyone does.
                          sorry, but i can't agree.
                          i tried choosing my deities, but it didn't take. and the Goddess who finally 'chose' me (damn i hate that word!) was one of the LAST Goddesses i would've ever picked!
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                            Originally posted by Theres
                            sorry, but i can't agree.
                            i tried choosing my deities, but it didn't take. and the Goddess who finally 'chose' me (damn i hate that word!) was one of the LAST Goddesses i would've ever picked!

                            i agree. i tried to choose mine, and it did not work xD


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                              I don't know where to draw that line... I feel a connection with Rhiannon, but I can't tell you exactly when I started noticing things in connection with her - it just ended up that one day I was like, OH! all of this stuff is happening that has a whole lot to do with her... and that was it...

                              but I keep wondering, if I had never had my "OH!" moment, would stuff have just continued to happen until I pulled my head out of the sand or not? I don't know. I am pretty pig headed about not noticing things going on around me sometimes, so I have to say that it seems like when you have a patron (or matron) god/dess, they will let you know somehow? But it might just be coincidences or something easily ignored... it seems to me that WANTING to believe there's a connection is at least a chunk of there actually being one, you know?
                              mmm. it's late... sorry if this doesn't make much sense.
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