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Student-Mentor Program FAQ

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  • Student-Mentor Program FAQ

    Here are a few rules (we hate them, but they have to be there)

    The reason for the PMing of the questionnaires is so that we will be matching Students and Mentors together, so hopefully no one will be left out. We will need as many mentors as possible, as, assuredly, there will be plenty of students. We will try to do our best to match Mentors and Students.

    Can I be a student in the program?
    You may sign up as a student in the program if you have been a member of Mystic Wicks for 1 month.

    Can I be a mentor for the program?
    Mentors should have at least three months membership with Mystic Wicks.

    What if my student/mentor disappears?
    We will try to do periodical check-ups with students and mentors to ensure that the coupling is still active. If your student or mentor has vanished and would like reassignment, please let RoseKitten know.

    What if I would like reassignment from my student/mentor because it is not a comfortable match?
    Please let RoseKitten know, and we will try to create a better match for you.

    When we set you up with your partner, we will be sending you each the other's survey for review BY YOU. We will match the best we can, but overall, it is if you are comfortable with your partner. If it does not work out, we will try our best for reassignment.

    Can I stop being a Mentor if life gets too hectic?
    Absolutely. As always, please PM RoseKitten
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