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Could I maybe pretty please get a mentor?

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  • Could I maybe pretty please get a mentor?

    I've felt drawn to pagan paths since I was around 13 years old and loosely studied since then but would like someone who could guide and help me as I learn and grow..

    What path are you interested in? I'm interested in wicca, Celtic, Egyptian, Hedge witch, Kitchen Witch, Druid, Shamanism.
    How long have you been studying? Loosely 9 years, Consistantly 3 months
    What areas of paganism have you already explored? Wicca, Egyptian, Kitchen Witch and general paganism.
    What areas of paganism are you interested in? All of it to be honest.
    Are you drawn to any specific deity? Anubis, Hecate, Nyx, Artemis

    What time zone are you in? Eastern
    Preferred method of communication? Any are fine.
    How much time can you devote to learning? Up to 8 hours a week.
    What is your learning style? Alittle of both, sometimes I'll ask for a visual if I don't understand something.
    What is your age? 22