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Newest NOOB here, really need some help!

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  • Newest NOOB here, really need some help!

    Ok, I'm totally and completely starting out at the beginning of all this. I have deep and painfully enduring roots in Christianity which I'm trying to completely sever myself from. I'm looking for a pagan path and could really use some help from someone with patience for a lot of stupid questions and an ear willing to listen to me ramble on about things.

    I've started a blog here to document my journey. I can also be easily reached at [email protected] I check it constantly.

    My blog at

    ”I would rather lurk in the shadows knowing what’s there, than stand in the light and be afraid of the dark.”

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    Howdy. I'm also on wordpress; I'll follow your blog. I'll shoot you an email.

    [you have been visited by a heliotrope]



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      Sent you an email mate, take care.
      Wounded I hung on a wind-swept gallows
      For nine long nights,
      Pierced by a spear, pledged to Odhinn,
      Offered, myself to myself
      The wisest know not from whence spring
      The roots of that ancient rood

      They gave me no bread,
      They gave me no mead,
      I looked down;
      with a loud cry
      I took up runes;
      from that tree I fell