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  • About Gods

    Patron Gods - Q&A about patron deities, advice on finding or identifying your patron deity.

    Gods & Goddess...HELP! - A discussion and some advice on the nature of poly/monotheism in Wicca.

    Gods, Goddesses and your Book of Shadows? - Advice on how to arrange your BoS according to pantheon.

    Do you think the Gods have something against me? - Discussion about not having divine experiences, while being pagan.

    All gods are one God? - Discussion on a "Unified Theory of Deities"

    List of Gods and Goddesses - Resources and suggestions on researching pantheons.

    (With many thanks to Raven Greywind for his help on this topic)
    Thanks also to Kaylara for spearheading the FAQ project and herding all of these resources together.

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