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  • About Pentagram/ Pentacle

    What does the pentacle stand for and mean? - Discussion on the symbolism represented in the pentacle. Discussion on the meaning of the colors/ directions/ principles, represented by each point. Resources shared.

    What does everyone think the pentacle symbolizes? - Opinions on the inverted pentacle, and the meaning of the pentacle.

    Pentacle/Pentagram - Opinions on the the meaning of the pentacle and pentagram.

    Pentacle Pendant - Members share websites where pentacles can be purchased.

    Pentacle Pendant (New question) - Q&A on pentacle consecration.

    Pentagram - Discussion on the meaning of the points on the pentacle.

    The Pentagram - A member shares their opinion on the meaning of the pentacle, other members discuss.

    Pentagrams/Pentacles For you Reading Enjoyment - A discussion on the meaning of the pentacle/gram the difference between the two. (Thanks Shawn Blackwolf for the new source!)

    (With much thanks to Aidron for his help on this Topic)
    Thank you Kaylara for spearheading the FAQ project!
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