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  • Athame

    Choosing an Athame? - Members give suggestions on alternatives to traditional athame materials.

    Question about the athame... - Members sharing their opinions regarding traditional and eclectic materials for athame manufacture.

    Athame Question - Members share their beliefs regarding use of the athame for cutting physical objects.

    My New Athame - A member shares their new athame with the forum.

    Athames and other ritual tools - Member looking for advise on purchasing an athame.

    Athames? - Members discuss the "rules" of athame specifications (length, width, etc.)

    Athames on the Altar - Discussion on using two athame to represent male and female aspects during ritual.

    With Much thanks to Kaylara for spearheading the FAQ project and Aidron for his help with this topic while it was initially being compiled.

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