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The elemental book of 5000 spells

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  • The elemental book of 5000 spells

    I’ve recently bought this and wondered if anyone has had any experiences when using it.

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    Ohh, I have that one.

    The only spell I've done out of it though was the knot spell to prevent miscarriage. Early in my pregnancy I thought I was in the early stages of having a miscarriage and I did the spell. I still have the cord which I'm supposed to untie when the baby is ready. I'm 6 and a half months and I haven't had any problems so it's worked thus far.


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      I love that book- love the little history bits about magic from all over the world. I chose part of a spell from there that has been successful to say the least!I love it.
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        I LOVE that book! It's a great resource, draws on magical traditions from all over, and leaves nothing to the imagination-a refreshing frankness you can't always find in many of the books available. The author also points out that substitutions can be made, and not every thing is as hard and fast as some would have you think. A MUST HAVE, IMO.:cheers:
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          I also really love this book. I like that it uses a lot of different magickal systems, and the author seems to have really done some great spell research. I've done a few of the spells, and I keep the book close at hand. I even got a copy for my sister.---shuvanilu
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            Yeah, it's a pretty awesome book. I love the Formulary section myself, because the things you can make sell for WAY more than they should (around here, at least).
            I think perhaps this thread should be moved to the 'Books' section.


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              with this kind of response, i think i have to go pick it up now... like, right now!
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                As for me, it made it onto my Amazon wish list...along with a few dozen other books I can't afford right now...

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                  Originally posted by Harmony Aurore
                  with this kind of response, i think i have to go pick it up now... like, right now!
                  Same here. This book is definitely something I'll look into. Thanks for bringing this book to my attention, Flash.


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                    I saw it on I have no need for it though.


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                      Originally posted by flash
                      I’ve recently bought this and wondered if anyone has had any experiences when using it.
                      It's a good book. I don't own one of my own yet. And if it's the same book I'm think of check out the one for Magickal Creatures and there also one for Witchcraft. (It's a white book with a nice design on it right).
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                        I had it but needed money so I sold it. I really miss having it, along with all the oter books I got rid of. I have the latest in the "series"...The Element Encyclopedia of Magical Creatures and The Element Encyclopedia of Witchcraft....awesome books!! But I really miss the Spells one
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                          Id seen it and thought "bah-humbug!" might have to look at it now although I don't really have a need for it sounds like it would be an interesting read with the history and all

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                            thanks for all the input guys and those who dont have it should get it or atleast have a look, and if you do have it dont get rid of it.

                            Congrats on the pregnancy Jessicaorr well done.


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                              My husband got it for me and at first I thought it was kind of "wishy-washy" but I read parts of it anyway. Now I like to use it as a reference or starting point for my own spells.
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