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Newbie Buster Episode #2 - Black Magick, Karma and the Three Fold Law.

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    Originally posted by Merrilyn View Post
    Eh, I say let "newbies" learn on their own, instead of "busting" them. We've all got different views, and different ways of learning. Not everyone is going to agree with what you're explaining here.
    No not everyone will agree, but I think it would be helpful that if those who do not agree post it here in a thoughtful manner, presenting their points for the benefit of those newbies who would read this thread in the future.


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      Yep, I've actually learned a lot from reading and taking part in discussions on the internet, even from some debates. I've actually learned a couple of things from flame wars but that's a whole 'nother subject.

      I do think LordHelmet was simple presenting his opinions and then leaving the floor open to those who want to add something. Thank you LH
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        Well is wasn't as much intended to be opinions, in fact if someone can reasonable say that any of what I say is a debated opinion I want to know.

        As for those who want to add in posts, well it's important not to take all your advise and learning from one source! I also really WANT people to critiuqe what I'm saying. I piticularly want critisism from anyone who is well versed or experienced in the matters I discuss.

        When a newbie reads these things they might not react to it like myself, lunacie, or so many of you non newbies would. While I say not to take it for granted, it can still strike deep, I still remember the things I learned from my first books in paganism and my first two teachers. I took them as a little more than just opinions, and what I learned from them still spins around my head. As Newbie Busters are aimed at the same crowd I want the busters held to a fitting standard.

        I don't want to be throwing out information or knowledge that isn't true, I don't want to through out my opinions as more then opinions, as many of the newbies reading the busters might take it, simply out of the fact they may not know what to believe. In fact I intended it to be something that they can look back on 3 to 4 years later and say 'it's a good thing I listened to him, he had the right idea. Now that I think for myself, I'm glad I listened to him.' Something I can't do alone.

        So please, if you have some experience, and you see stuff that you don't think is neccisarly true in my busters, or is just not good advise, let me know so I can edit them and make them better. Same if you see something that's missing. And no I'm not a perfectionist either.

        And thanks for the support everyone, I appreciate it. And I'm working on #4
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          I think it's a bit misleading to present the idea of karma without including the idea of dharma (especially personal dharma), because usually they're rather closely connected.

          This is one of the best explanations I've found on karma. It also has a good section on dharma.

          Just thought I'd bring that up. ^_~

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            I think the discussion of Karma in it's intriciteness is a little out of the scope of the Busters. I think I'll add that link though.
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