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Newbie Buster #3 Demons, Psychic Vampires and Psychic Defense

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  • Newbie Buster #3 Demons, Psychic Vampires and Psychic Defense

    I've found that among new pagans the topics and worries of Demons/Daemons and Psychic Vampires, as well as Ghosts commonly come into conversations, chat, or forum topics. To make it more interesting there are a number of less serious practicing magicians, as well as a crowd of the curious around them, that seem mostly concerned with these demons.

    Sometimes they're talking about various types of 'shadow beings', sometimes it's Lucifers' elite squad or whatever and sometimes it's the ghost of some prehistorical witch intent on adding them to her plans for the world.


    First I would like to point out that there is no agreed upon organization or hierarchy of demons in the real world, just like there isn't a real league of villains. Think about it, everyone has there own definition and list of suspects. Some call them hoodlums, others call them gang bangers. There's also communists A.K.A The Axis of Evil, Republicans A.K.A The New World Order, heretics, heathens, crusaders, mobsters, terrorists, The Establishment, aliens, illegal aliens, serial killers, liberals, The Man, etc.

    Similarly, while we seem to have and agreed upon word in English (Demons, sometimes Devils) every culture has had their own words for demons. Some had multiple words for multiple types, and most haven't exactly fit the typical US definition like a glove. (I can't speak for you all in Europe though I suspect UK is similar, save Ireland, ur all kinda different )

    So are there things that go bump in the night, steal your life force, posses people and scare the living daylights out of hot white chicks just when their about to take it all off to get in the shower? If you were living in many countries you wouldn't be asking this question as half your family would have had personal undeniable experiences with any but the last experience. Some may have had that one to.

    It's interesting that most of the popular western world Demons by name, come from a confused mixture of actual dietys, mistranslations, folklore and other stuff that's very interesting to history buffs like me. Lucifer, Baal, Dagon, Mephisto, Legion, Set, Lilith, Medusa, Baphomet, Media, Nero, etc. Look up any of these on the wikkipedia to see what I mean, I suggest both Lucifer, Baphomet and Baal as having particularly interesting and confused histories.

    On a final note with Demons, Guys, your not a questing hero. I know your testosterone thinks you are, mine did to, as well as plenty of my friends. D&D, WOW, and Japanese shows are not reflections of the magical world. Not that I have anything against being a hero, just don't take yourself into a delusional world where you have to imagine most of the repercussions of your craft with your friends. And that guy that thinks he was a Demon Lord in a past life, ya the one who regrets the worlds he destroyed and the love he hurt in past lives, the one that was cast down by a deity he still knows nothing about... Ya, I'm talking about that guy that knows most of his magick from either his memories or his secret teacher, the one who does all his magick unconventionaly... yep, if you know who I'm talking about, I'm talking to you. He'll probably learn to question his ExDeamon standing, two I know did, then again he might not. I wouldn't bother giving him a hard time, these guys, though probably all deluded, do tend to have an interesting insight into the ways of magick, just don't take all their interpretations for fact.

    Psychic Vampires

    For my purposes a Psychic Vampire is an entity that draws life force, kundali, whatever, from another entity, draining them. For a more complete look at different forms of psychic vampirism Pearls59 has a good section on it in her circle of teaching class.

    Psychic vampires can be both Physical and Astral, possibly other realms. They take from others to fill a defincy of their own. In my experience most are people who are unaware of what they're doing. They tend to be people with health problems or sociological issues, like not being able to cope with regular life. There's also the astral entities. There's a connection to the story vampires in that drinking the warm blood from someone, or in some cases an animal, can facilitate this energy transfer quite well. The energy follows the blood.

    We take our energy from the sun or our food or whatever, as do many astral beings. one way to get psychic energy in the astral realm is to take it from us. Basically that involves sucking it out of our aura or astral body. One likely culprit are disembodied humans, looking for energy that matches what they got. Hey, ghosts got to sustain themselves somehow, otherwise their astral body will wither away.

    Not everyone or everything reffered to as a Psychic Vampire takes energy directly from people. Many in fact draw the energy from people directly. A normal human creates about their full energy body worth of energy in I would estimate a week, (I'm not really that sure). We leave this energy as waste all over the place where it rejoins the natural raw unrefined energy cycle of our environment, much like leaves from a tree or bodily waste. Lots of stuff eats this, and a human psychic vampire can absorb this energy, generaly directly as it leaves the person putting it off before it degrades. Human psyvamps generaly do this because of health defincies and conditions that arecan be either astral or physical in nature that make it hard for them to refine raw astral energy for use in their bodies.

    But as I said, Pearls59 has a much more comprehensive post up on this in her CoT that I gave the link for.

    As for Psychic Defense, I'll reference you to the CoT class I took the Psychic Vampires link from and the Magick and Rituals Forum here at MW.

    Updated 10-18-06

    As always I welcome constructive criticism.

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    Once more I feel I've got to speak up to clarify about psychic vampires... because the term is used for more than one type of person, and can be misleading in a lot of ways.

    Not all psychic vampires are bad.

    As for the rest - the emotional vampires and the PVs who feed offensively - yes, by all means, defend against them and be aware of them. But please understand that there are people who identify as psychic vampires and who most would label psychic vampires who should not be demonized as is too often done.

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      Cool--you used my class as a reference. Thanks! I'm honored.


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        Yes I'm actualy familiar with that type of psychic vampire. I had a friend who taught me how to absorb energy that way, something I haven't really needed though as it turns out I'm sorta a wellspring of psychic energy. Actualy the guy had been feeding off me for some time in that manner, I had no idea. It never affected me.
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          Very well written! I'm a psychic vampire and I don't feel offended at all by your essay, you and Pearl (who's class I took) are the first of the few folk I've met that don't put any bad marks on us outwardly.

          I especially liked the bit about "guys who were demon overlords in their past lives" - I so knew a guy like that once.. I married him. xD Hella confusing, that one. Just the same they're interesting people, but the vampire community seems too up-tight for my liking, I'd rather hang out with the deluded strange guys.


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            Pretty much agree with most of it, though I'll say this about the demon thing: Believe in demons or don't, but either way there's some nasty shit out there that you need to know how to protect yourself from. Hence why there's such a thing as psychic/magical self defense.
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              hey! how come you can say the S word but I can't! When I do it gets replaced with some happy word.
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                excellent thread. marked for future pokeage


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                  Originally posted by LordHelmet View Post
                  hey! how come you can say the S word but I can't! When I do it gets replaced with some happy word.
                  must be a sh!tty daemon thing :P


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                    thats pretty cool