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"coming out of the broom closet" info. for family etc.

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  • "coming out of the broom closet" info. for family etc.

    i thought these might help some people... i had them saved om my PC from ages ago... i will post one as an attachment because it doesnt seem to exist online any more (i hope its not against copyright or anything!)

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    Hmm, I may have a few questions about the mother one, but other then that, it's pretty good. I'm sure that if kids showed their parents that they would believe them. There is also a 20 minute video out there, I might looked for it again just incase some kid askes me for advice on how to tell thier parents about it.
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      yeah i agree some of the facts are a bit wrong but i guess its cos she learnt what she knows from her daughter and i guess she may have simplified things for people.