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Newbie Buster #4 Magick and How It Works

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  • Newbie Buster #4 Magick and How It Works

    Newbie Buster #4 What is Magick and how does it work?

    Let me start by pointing out that a dictionary definition of magic or magick does not generaly do justice to much of the practise we refere to here on MW or throughout the neopagan world. Neither do they generaly do justice to any form of wichcraft, cermonial or high magick like thelema or quabilism. These rarely do anything to describe the practises and systems of thought we commonly call magickal or mystical like Voodoo, tantra, various forms of shamanism.

    Common Misconceptions

    Spellcraft can only affect those that believe in it's existence. (Think about it, if a tree falls in a forest and no ones there to hear it does it make a sound? I don't know. But if a tree is toward your head and you don't see it, you will still feel it, I promise. Ever been suprised by something you had no idea would happen? The only spellcraft this rule aplies to is where you make someone think you did something to them. If you don't believe the hypnotist that he turned you into a frog, then you won't hop around the stage pretending to be a frog.

    Spellcraft can't affect anything in the physical world, just the psychic or astral world. (OK, if you can't affect the world you live in what's the point? Not counting magick that is intended to do something like help the practioner reach a higher state of enlightenment ect. I'm talking about acting spellcraft)

    Normaly the physical world follows the laws of physics, when magick is used such laws need not apply, and anything is possible. (no, the laws of physics still apply, and for every effect there is a cause that follows the laws governing the uneverse. If the brick doesn't hit the windsheild it won't shatter, if you don't push the cart it will just sit there. Something has to create change in accordance with the laws that govern the universe or no change will occur.)

    Acting Magick

    This is the kind of magick that does stuff. As I pointed out before everything happens for a reason. For every effect there's a cause... (I'm not sure what the cause was for the begining of everything, but that's outside the scope of this article anyway, that's philosophy.)

    Magick works by acting between realms. This is only possible because these realms effect each other to begin with. How exactly the astral layer of existence effects the physical layer is also outside the scope of this article and probably a subject best approached with a solid background of both quantum physics and magick as well as a good understanding chemistry, astrophysics, plasma, antimatter, and electro-magnitism in general. As I said, it's way outside the scope of this article.

    Never the less the mental and astral planes affect what happens in the physical world. One way to do this is to creates a 'thought form', which will in turn take place in the physical world. A thought form is made of thought but an order for us interact with it we give it a form.

    For example if you were to create a spell that was intended to help you find a better job you might make the form that you apply to the spell a spiders web, or you might make it an adviser. It's not important what the form is so much as how much sense it makes to you as to what it's doing. The whole point of using a visual is that our subconcious minds think that way. It's the thought part that makes it work though and that's what you have to do. This is best done with a clear mind and emotional energy, hence the meditation or other mental exercises. What you do is you create the mental image, put power into it, and send it off on it's way. What you send into it is one of the things most commonly messed up.

    If your distracted, so will your magick. If you don't feel hopeful, neither will your magick. If your pissed off so will your magick be. If you can't focus your mind, you probably won't even be succesful in creating a solid thoughtform.

    What I've given you here isn't really enough to cast your own spells unless you can figure it out on your own. That can be kinda hard so... succesful practitioners, a little help here? Typicaly most books on spellcraft don't really describe it that well either.

    I can give you some exercises to help you out though:

    Finding Peace

    This two parter can be either part or both. It's not magickal really and it's useful whether your practicing or not. I learned this from a chiropracter actualy.

    think of any situation or whatnot in your life that's been bugging you or had you not feeling at ease. A good bet is the first thing that comes to mind.

    Sit or lie down and hold your breath. If you need to breath, breath... but you want to feel your mind calling you to breath a little. This will put you in a state where you have better access to your subconscies mind.

    Make a firm descision to completly forgive everyone involved in the situation for anything past present or future, for anything said, done, thought or not said, done or thought. This includes yourself.

    Take the situation and find a way to look at it as something positive, or see what positive can come of it. Decide to look at it that way. There's always what you learn from it or the fact you have to overcome it.

    Clearing The Mind

    This can be done various ways. Some people picture a stary sky and see the stars blinking out till they're all gone. Some picture a tarot card, and slowly erase it line by line. Whatever. Your making all your thoughts go away until there's preferably one left. (If you can actualy make all thoughts go away staying conscious... well there's stories about extreme bliss and whatnot that can't be described. Never done it.

    I'm gonna stop it here but there's a few I'd like to add later.

    As always, I welcome feedback and constructive critisism.

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      Sounds good to me. I really enjoy reading your Newbie Busters. Very informative.
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