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  • Meditation

    I don't know why, but i've always had a hard time meditating. When other people can sit still for half an hour or more, it's a struggle for me to sit for more than 5 minutes. First off, is that a bad thing? Second, i would like to be able to meditate for longer periods of can i do that.

    Here's my method...if you can call it that. I normally try to face north. If i can't, i go for east. I sit cross-legged and let my arms rest naturally on my legs. thats' basically it. Is there something more that might help prolong my meditations sessions?
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    I focus on my breathing which is really key for me. Here's one way that's really nice--breathe in for a count of 4-6, hold for the same count, breathe out for the same count and hold again. Continue in this way as long as you wish.

    The more you meditate the easier it gets and the longer you can do it. You might also try some different types of moving meditations--no need to sit still then. Even dancing and walking/running can be meditation if you focus exclusively on the movement and don't think about anything else.
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      I'm in the same boat. I use the same "method" too! Sitting north, hands resting in my lap, I get very comfortable but eventually grow antsy. My mind keeps wandering to mundane things like I should do laundry and after that take my dog out No tips or advice from me (sorry) but I wanted to subscribe to this thread.
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        I have long found that I do my best meditation or free thinking or conversation with Diety when my body is physically occupied in something that doesn't take a lot of concentration; such as washing dishes, mowing the yard, running the vacumn (as long as the tv or radio isn't on). Otherwise my body becomes twitchy too. Dancing would work just as well I suppose.

        Otherwise it's practice, practice, practice. Of course you can't meditate as long as a Yoga Master or Bhuddist monk. They practice for years to be able to meditate for long periods of time. But with practice it will improve.

        Edited to add another thought ~

        Don't get frustrated or upset when your mind wanders onto everyday concerns. Just take another deep breath and release that thought and continue your meditation.
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          What helped me the most to get attuned with my breathing was something a friend suggested, If you have a bath you can comfortably laydown in, fill the tub up just enough so when you lay down the water covers your ears. Once all the air is out of them basically the only predominant sound you can hear is your breathing. It's quite brilliant at helping you just focus on your breathing if you're new to meditation
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            Awesome suggestions! Thanks everyone....that's not to say that more posts aren't allowed, quite the contrary, I welcome them. I'm also glad to see i'm not the only one in this boat of short meditation sessions. I know i'll improve with time. But a big part of me doesn't want to wait. I think that's my biggest problem with developing myself. I'm impatient, i know i'm capable of much more than i'm doing at the present. I don't like waiting around for results, and goddess forbid i actually work for it

            Any other suggestions? I mean, i think the meditation is a step in the right direction, but i would love to hear everyone's opinions.
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              Try meditating to music and focus on the beat
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                im new to the pegan path but ive been practicing meditation the past 2 days and what i tryed to do is lay flat on my bed with my lights off muttering something i want to focus my mind on you can try it like i said im new so i dont know much...
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                  I used to be able to do it only for 5 minutes but now I'm up to a whopping 15. not alot I know but I'm getting there. and I did it by doing it every night. It takes alot of practice and time. I use the same methos as Eeluna-focus on my breathing. count to 4 and then let out to 4. When a stragler comes in my mind I blow it out. It takes time to develop. Keep trying. You'll get there.
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                    Try using a countdown to get you into a meditative state. Pick a number significant to you, and count down, visualizing the numbers as you go.


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                      Originally posted by BellaWild
                      I'm in the same boat. I use the same "method" too! Sitting north, hands resting in my lap, I get very comfortable but eventually grow antsy. My mind keeps wandering to mundane things like I should do laundry and after that take my dog out.
                      :steppy: Me too! I'm terribly restless and it's hard for me to just sit there and think of nothing.

                      I've been a practicing Pagan Witch for about 10 years. When I first started, I was really hard on myself for not being able to meditate. I thought that if couldn't do it that I wouldn't be able to do my rituals or magic effectively, but that has not turned out to be true (thankfully). I have found other ways to relax and focus and visualization has not be a problem.


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                        Chanting could work. I do mental chanting, if any. One of the "strongest" chants I use is just reciting three deities' names over and over to a certain rhythm: Apollo, Athena, Jupiter.

                        I also focus visualisation on something. I've meditated on tarot cards before. I've also done non-mental focusing on flames of candles (though not directly because that hurts and probably burns retinas) and other things such as items of a certain colour (lately I've been into purples).

                        Focusing on breathing works, too. So does focusing on something repetitive other than chanting. I'm not very kinetic myself, but if you find that pacing or dancing or doing cartwheels works for you, go for it.

                        I hate to sound redundant, but yes...PRACTICE. It helps loads.
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                          I have no problems meditating, but reaching a deep prolonged meditation with a higher state of consciousness is much harder. The trouble is, I keep pushing myself to go deeper and deeper, and these thoughts keep me from getting there. But when I'm there, and it's only happened 2 or 3 times over the last year (and during the course of my entire life at that), I can think of whatever I want, and not lose the state I've currently attained. Of course, I'm probably not going to be thinking of my cat at these higher levels.

                          I remember a while back I was making a bunch of posts concerning O.B.E and stuff that didn't make any sense - cuz I didn't understand the true significance of the terms. I still don't know what happened to me last year when I felt like I was floating in Circle - would love to reach that state again.
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                            Don't get discouraged if you start to think about day to day things! One of the purposes of meditation is to clear your mind and search for answers, so your mind might be telling you something. Let it follow it's path, sometimes.

                            As for tips to clearing your mind. Try to do it outside, especially if you can get somehwere out in the country where the most annoying sound will be a squaky bird or a cow. Lay or sit in the grass, and face away from the sun, partially because as it warms your back you'll relax more, and partially to keep it out of your eyes. Focus on the sound of the wind moving through the leaves, and the feel of the sun (or if it's too chilly to feel the sun, feel the warmth within yourself filing you). As you feel your muscles relax, imagine that all of your problems are surrounding by a white light, and toss them aside. Then just see where your mind takes you. It's really an experience. ^^;

                            Well, good luck!
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                              Originally posted by mvdude
                              Try using a countdown to get you into a meditative state. Pick a number significant to you, and count down, visualizing the numbers as you go.
                              Sounds similar to counting sheep, no? :D

                              I usually just make sure the room is comfortable - not too cold or warm. Sit comfortabley (beings comfy is top priorty! helps a lot, and also doesn't fatigue your body if you DO meditate for a longer period of time), and focus on my breathings untill I feel relaxed, and feel my conciousness shift slightly. It's only a light meditation, but I have trouble meditating also, so I haven't reached a deeper stage yet.

                              Practice makes perfect.

                              Oh, and so does regular practice. I find I meditae much easier if I have been doing it everyday, for atleast 5 min around the same time of day. I find it much easier to slip into that different state.

                              I'm also going to try chanting, as my little exp with it seems rather positive to shift my conciousness eaily.

                              Good luck!

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