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Problems with astral projection

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  • Problems with astral projection

    I'd like to astral project, but when I try I get all itchy and can't concentrate. I'm also not sure I'm even going about it the right way. Anybody got any advice, perhaps a fairly simple way to astrally project? BB, Prudence Rose
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    I would recommend that if you having a hard time leaving your body you switch methods. probably the easiest one to do is the meditation method where you try to keep your mind still and free of thoughts until your mind is so bored you pop out of your body. its the easiest one that I use but the downside is that it can take up to an hour or longer to work. it is typical to feel itchy or other distracting feelings when trying to leave your body. you`ll just have to learn to ignore them no matter how much they may be bothering you. if you don`t want to use this method you could use the rope method. tell yourself that there is a stiff rope coming from the wall that is closest to your feet and feel yourself grab the rope and pull yourself out of your body. this could take some time too depending on how well your body is relaxed. i hope this helps

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      I too have had problems with astral I can get as far as to raise out but then i some how get sucked back in. One of the things that I have to do to get to this point is to reassure my body to let my astral self to come out i just keep saying its all right no harm will come and stuff like that.

      here is a few methods you can try after you relax your body.

      1. try to visualize a rope then just start to make yourself fell like you are climbing higher and higher but dont actually look at the rope like you were in a dark cave or something.

      2. take it slow have one part at a time come out like your hand or leg try moving it and maybe try passing it thru a wall or the floor then come back after a while u can try your whole body.

      3. simply try to roll out.

      experiment with these and if it works maybe you can help me and tell me how I can stay out or even get all the way out.
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        i found that the best way to astral is sitting/lying in a quiet room put some soothing music on very low then if you have a favourt picture on the wall (landscape say) relax and use your curiosity to want to go and explore inside it as you gaze you will feel yourself drawen into the picture and you should be in there .walk about for a while then return .do this for about one minute at first and slowly increase your time in there each time good luck this worked for me and quite a few people i have trained to project


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          i use the meditation metod alway's have but it only take me a few minutes to
          acchive projection.make sure your in a place that you feel safe.and wont be disturbed
          by anyone.when your first trying the slightest noise can distract your mind.why some people suggest music.i myself cant use music it distract's me.also make sure your warm,some people have this problem.when you leave your body get's chilled,and wham your right back in your body.turn the phones off and if you live with outher people find a place to be alone.lock the door if you can.your own bed is a great place
          to start trying depending on if you sleep alone.i myself used a pair of earplug's when i began to drown out the noise.i dont use them much anymore.the better you get the less small noises will bother you and the longer you can stay in the astral world.
          make sure your mind is clear and your grounded cast a circle if you feel the need for security.the biggest obstical most people have is trying to hard and there mind is running a mile a minute and they cant because of this.clear your mind and just let it happen.and practice practice practice.
          hope this helped some


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            Problems with projection

            Hi, I am new to this forum but not to this line of thinking. I have not "practiced" for many years due to a few bad experiences. Is it possible to be physicaly harmed while "out and about"? The reason I ask is the last time I projected ( some 20 years ago) I returned with some severe scratches. My wife pretty much put an end to my outings as she was afraid I could get really hurt. I am returning to my roots and would like to get back to my beliefs. Things just seemed to be in better focus and I was less stressed back when I would meditate and project. I feel a bit lost right now and hope this will put me back on track. Any thoughts?