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  • I have sacrificed my own blood to my Gods. Sacrificing blood is the most personal offering or sacrament a person can make and binds you very closely to the deity. Blood letting isn't necessary for all gods and should only be given when "requested" by particular deity.
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    • In Judaism they swing a chicken for Atonement then the chickens are ritually slaughterd by the rabbi and the chickens are given to feed the poor. Also a lot of people use apple cider as a substitute for blood in a ritual.

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      • If I had to make some sort of blood sacrafice for the completion of a ritual or spell then I would chose to sacrafice my own blood before that of any other. I would never perform a human sacrafice (nowadays that'd be known as murder and jail/prison doesn't look that appealing) and I do not think that I would be able to sacrafice any sort of animal. Yes, I would rather give my own blood. After all, I'm the one engaging in the activity so it only seems right that if any blood is given it is my own.


        • interesting topic... I would give of my own blood if needed. my reasons are complex, but mostly because I am by inclination a gaurdian. I could never perform an animal sacrifice, for the same reason I'm vegitarian - it is given to me to protect, not to myself kill or be cause of their deaths. as for human sacrifice, I would if I beleived it was truly important enough. wait, I wouldn't kill an animal, but I would a human? yes. if something is important enough to kill for it is important enough to die for. however, for such a sacrifice I only have one possible life to offer: my own. I could only offer of my own blood or my own life.
          what's also interesting, I noticed, is that when asked about blood sacrifice, people would assume themselves as potentials, but in life sacrifices it isn't considered, as far as I could tell (perhaps because it's one-time-only). nothing wrong with that, just thought it was interesting.
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          • MercysFallen, I wish I had seen your post earlier. Most people in Voodoo do use animal sacrifice. Not all. My house does not and never will. A few other houses and some individual practitioners do not use animal sacrifice. There is no law in Voodoo saying that you must use animal sacrifice. It's a choice, as it's a choice to use any other tool or prop in ritual. I and many others choose not to use animals and never will.
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            • To answer the question I would decline offering any blood but mine.

              Wouldn’t happen to me anyway as a general understanding my gods are not fans of blood. Outside of the body blood is dead. I would no sooner offer blood than I would rotted fruit. Meat is different there is blood involved but meat is food and food is life.
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              • Option A. We all have to eat.
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                • Interesting question...I think that if a god appeared to me and demanded a blood sacrifice, I would offer my own blood only. But then, I don't think I worship any gods that demand such things, so I would have to seriously consider why they would ask it of me.
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                  • I didn't quite know how to vote. I'd offer my menstral blood if it was acceptable and useful, but I would also be willing to offer the blood of an animal if I was able to both do that and use the meat and skin of the animal (and maybe find a use for the bones). If human blood was absolutely necessary, I would only use my own, or if it was some sort of a group thing and someone else offered (so long as it wasn't too much or wasn't their life) then I would let someone else offer, but I would never ask or insist. I would never take a human life for my god/dess. Then again, since the sacrifice of the Christ, I no longer see it as necessary to cast my sins upon an animal and sacrifice it for atonement or any other such deed, though I wouldn't mind sacrificing an animal for a ritual dinner in honor of the bounty and provision of my god/dess.
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                    • I cannot touch a corpse unless I plan on consuming it or am preparing it for consumption by someone else, so sacrifice for blood is taboo for me. Nor can I do harm unless good will come from it, such as killing for food or self-defense. So, if my Gods were to demand blood, I would offer my own. Most of my "sacrifices" consist of grains, fruits, and ale anyways.
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                      • Originally posted by Kaija
                        I've actually been asked this question before.. but it seems like it's on quite a few minds of late. There is an article in the most recent issue of PanGaia about animal sacrifice in the Heathen tradition.. (Asatru)..

                        I am a vegetarian for many reasons, one is that I am NOT capable of killing an animal.. If I could not do it the honor of raising it, and then killing it painlessly and honorably I have no business eating it. I do not however hold it against the people that do it ritualistically .. It's not my path, but they are welcome to it as long as they know HOW to do it. One point that was brought up in the article I read said something to the extent that the people that DO these rituals LEARN how to kill the animal swiftly, and painlessly.. I do not think that people that have no idea how to do it correctly should EVER do it..
                        The animals shouldn't suffer.

                        I have used my own blood quite a few times, and would share blood with someone that I was really close to, but would never take it from anyone that was unwilling or scared. *shrug*
                        I'm in fair agreeance with this lady here.
                        To kill an animal would be equal to killing my own kind. It'd be a very painful and desperate situation for me to ever sacrifice another for my cause.

                        Like she mentioned, I'm not entirely intolerant to others doing so... But I'm even against having meat on a God/Goddess offering plate for ceremony. The Ancient Celts served fruits and vegtables for sacrifice, and this seems to be a loving gesture for the purpose or cause.

                        I truly can't imagine a reason to have to sacrifice a life, but I'd be willing to listen to an example.

                        I chose my own blood. It seemed the vigilant option...
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                        • I may give some of my own blood but I would never sacrifice an animal. or somebody.

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                          • To me a blood sacrifice may mean a lot of things. I know that other systems do it, but i would not. There are many things in the world that are blood equivelants(sp?), Like saliva, or sexual fluids, or certain resins or herbs.
                            Using or burning these in spells is my opinion just as strong as life blood. If there was no other alternative, i would use menstrual blood, it's as LIFE as you can get, and i personally feel my magick is stronger while menstruating anyway.
                            Thanks for listening.

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                            • I'd use my own blood. It's as personal as you can get, and I would prefer to keep any sacrifices strictly between myself and the Divine. No furry third party necessary.
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                              • Honestly I can't imagine the Divine asking me to do such. I really am not into the idea of any sort of blood ritual or a God(dess) that requires those sort of demands. If I saw something similar to what you described, I would probably go to the doctors to make sure I was alright. If I had a clean bill of health, then I would need to do some serious soul searching and try to see what sort of challenge the Divine had put in my path and why.
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