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  • Originally posted by Little Billy
    Where are the CO DeRiemers of yesteryear?
    At the dentists, they said...


    • Originally posted by Cain
      At the dentists, they said...
      Well, he WAS British. If you wipe out a cult of murderers, that should at the VERY least qualify you for braces.

      What can we do to help you stop screaming?


      • I would definitely give my own blood for a sacrifice if I HAD to, but we're not supposed to harm ANYONE in Wicca, including ourselves. Sacrificing or giving blood goes against the most important thing in Wicca, and the smell of blood is just too pervasive for me to tolerate.

        I'm not sure if any of the deities I plan on following would ask for a sacrifice. I've heard that the Morrigan takes the eyes from corpses on a battlefield, but I don't think she would ask for a sacrifice.

        The deity I'd tread carefully around would indeed be Kali. The one myth I know about her scares me so much that even now, I tend to lean more towards the Morrigan in terms of war goddesses. I respect Kali, I really do. But if I had to choose between sacrificing myself and just not doing anything (and risking the destruction of the entire world for Kali's wrath) I would sacrifice myself.

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        • My own opinion on this subject...if it's been repeated before I do apologize. I hate sounding like other people, but sometimes that can't be helped.

          I am not keen on the idea of killing or sacrificing an animal to the gods/goddesses. Just not my thing, plus I can't bring myself to take the life of an animal. I don't see much problem in offering your own blood if it is a small amount and won't endanger your own life. Me, if I were to offer my own blood or anoint my tools with it...I would use menstrual blood. Just like how I can't kill another animal...I also don't have the guts to even prick myself. I'd rather use blood which can be obtained naturally from myself.
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          • This is just my opinion,but if any "named deity" told me I had to give them a blood sacrifice,I'd tell them to go f themselves.

            I have no respect or need for any "named deity that demands something from me.

            Because of the Charge of Eris,I am not required to kiss any "named dieties" behind.

            Whenever Eris wants me to do something she always asks me directly,face to face,and politely.Thats why I love her.She never treats me like I am a subject.
            I can never resist those deep multiversal puppy dog eyes she always uses.

            But she does allow me the right to refuse,no hard feelings.
            But rarely do I.

            As a free and sentient being of this multiverse,no "named deity" has the right to command me to do anything I don't feel is right.

            Just because a " named deity" may have more power and wisdom than me,doesn't make them any better than me or anyone else.

            I'll respect their power and wisdom,but they need us as much as they need them(except for the TRUE SOURCE THAT TRANSENDS ALL NAMES).
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            • Religion is suppose to fun and i with with all this talk of the scarificing of animals and or humans.The fun factor seems to have let behind.
              Chickens would be cool to use because they run around all crazy when you chop there head off.That's just my opinion what i would use if i would ever
              feel the need to sacrifice an animal to a deity.
              I like how people justify the sacrifice by saying well it they use all the animal
              it's ok since nothing is wasted.And the ones that would give some of there blood but wouldn't kill an animal.I think that concept is a test by deity.To see
              if you are willing to kill to make them happy.It easy to die for what you believe in but it's a whole different ball of ninja magic to kill for your deity of choose.and What would a spiritural entity need with some blood and a rotting animal carcass anyway?
              The concept of proving oneself to there deity of choose is to much like ass kissing.Either your gods and or goddesses accepts your love as being real or not.If they are going to test is that really the kind of deity you want to roll with.
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              • Originally posted by DoktorSick
                Religion is suppose to fun and i with with all this talk of the scarificing of animals and or humans.The fun factor seems to have let behind.
                Chickens would be cool to use because they run around all crazy when you chop there head off.That's just my opinion what i would use if i would ever
                feel the need to sacrifice an animal to a deity.
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                What can we do to help you stop screaming?


                • Originally posted by Galadraal
                  I have been thinking of my worship of Kali, who is a blood thirsty Goddess.
                  Interesting. A lot of "mainstream" people have some idea about all the evil Pagan deities being bloodthirsty, but they forget how bloodthirsty Yaweh is.


                  Anyway, I don't do blood sacrifices, and I don't worship any bloodthirsty deities. I do employ the concept of sacrifice, but it is usually a sacrifice of something dear to me that I'd rather not destroy, rather than a living creature.


                  • I would offer some of my own blood. The idea here is sacrifice. An animal or even another willing human would be no sacrifice from me (assuming the Goddess spoke to me specifically asking for the sacrifice). I neither own nor control their lives and I would think the nature of the sacrifice was important to any ritual it was a part of.

                    If I was for some reason required to kill one of Her creatures for her, I probably could . Honestly, it would take some work to bolster my resolve first, but yeah....
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                    • If I were to offer up a blood sacrifice, it would be my own blood. I have nothing against animal sacrifices...I just couldn't do it. When I say I have nothing against it, it means I see it as a person who eats meat...


                      • I have nothing against using blood in magick but I don't see the point in sacrificing it. If I'm going to sacrifice it though I would sacrifice my own. Picture this...

                        I love you so much Anore, I stole this ring for you when I could have just bought one with my money, but this way is cheaper for me. Isn't it beautiful?!?

                        Why sacrifice blood that's not yours. I think blood sacrifices in the bible and that time were mostly about food, not blood. Either way if my God needs me to give him or her the life or blood or whatever from someone else, they can kiss my @ss. I don't need that kind of God.
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                        • You know rankles my cheerios.
                          Reading in the newspaper every 6 months or so about some crazy beyatch hacking her kids to death because "God told Her to".

                          It's that whole Abraham/Issac thing.
                          God tells Issac to kill his own son,and then basically tells him
                          "Dude,I was just joking,I really didn't think you was stupid enough to do this.Gabrial,go down there and stop that maniac,oh,is this still rolling,Uh I mean,this was only a test Abraham,and you have Passed.Do Not kill you son.Kill this Goat(sheep,whatever)instead.
                          And Cut.
                          Can we edit out that whole 'Dude I was only joking part'.
                          Really,I didn't think he'd try to go through with it.Those talking monkeys I made aren't all that bright,are they.
                          NOW WHERES MY FREAKIN LATTE!!"

                          Mini Rant:
                          I'm sorry that you are depressed lady,lots of women get depressed.Hell everyone gets depressed once in a while,but that doesn't give you the right to crab boil Little Timmy because a deity said so.The Next time "god" tells you to kill your kids,tell him NO.
                          Take your freakin medicine,and if you must kill someone,how about that useless,bible sprouting,abusive caveman husband you married.Preferably with a nine iron.But leave the kids out of it mmmkay.
                          End Mini Rant

                          That's why we discordians are allow to say "No" if Eris were ever to tell us to do something really stupid.We know better.


                          • Lots of people don't realize that "no" is an acceptable answer. An entity I work with has asked me for a chicken twice and each time I said, "sorry, no." Then I gave him other things and all was well and happy. Entities worked with on your personal path should be understanding of your personal preferences. If they demand that you defy your ethics and do something like use an animal as a sacrifice and you don't want to do that, then you should not work with those entities and should not tolerate their disrespect of you. I see the relationship with these entities as mutually beneficial, not a relationship where one party is dominant over the other and can make demands that force someone to do what they don't want to. Animal sacrifice is unneccessary. Kill 'em and eat 'em if you want to, but if you're TOLD to kill one, you have the right to question that demand.
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                            • I would sacrifice an animals (have yet to do so) and have done my own blood. Humans would be a little hard to do in these times... So obviously not. For auto-sacrifice what do you guys use? I think needles are too hard. They go in but dont draw blood. So razor is what I use. I hear diabetic lancets are good but how do I use them? I dont know anything about them. But I know that the nurse drew blood from me (anemia test) with some little disposable pricking thingy, is that the same thing?


                              • I would probably offer my one blood, but I could offer blood from an animal to... I wouldn´t kill an animal just for the offering though, I could offer the blood from an animal that had become food for me or my family, the blood mostly isn´t used anyway...
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