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  • Most of the Wiccans/Pagans that I have known have had no problem with giving menstral blood. It does not break "Harm None," and is a very powerful connection.

    As for myself, icky. Gimme a good pin prick any day. Or wound that's already open.
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    • I voted that I would give my own blood, however, I fully intend to visit some of the Kali temples in India and will worship in the rites there which often include animal sacrifice. I personally could not sacrifice an animal on my own mostly due to my feelings that sacrifice should be performed by those trained to do it and as a mere devotee, I am not trained to perform the sacrifice myself.


      • I always use my own.

        I cut, I bleed, it makes a connection, psychic, energy, physical, all that stuff.

        I blood annoint anything that is special to me.
        I power sigils with it.
        I give it when needed.

        The pain is also quite important.
        You have to feel it to mean it.

        My blood is me, it makes a connection.

        I am always happy to do it.


        • I have given my own blood for various things, including when taking wood etc.

          I wouldn't have any problem in sacrificing an animal. If you look on how ritual food was treated in antiquity, the sacrificed animal (in some places) was shared with the gods. I have killed a chicken before as food (when I was a kid) so I wouldn't have a problem. As long as it's done properly, it's quick.



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          • I do not think Bast would ask for a Blood Sacrafice but if she ever did I would give my own blood never of another and she hates animale sacrafice. I can tell by what I have learned.


            • Kali is my patron (matron), and while I'm not a "new" pagan... I decided to answer this anyways.

              I don't believe that a god or goddess would demand something of you that is unreasonable - for you. That being said - blood sacrifice is something I think of as a thing of the past, though I know that there are those in the wide world out there that still practice it.

              I have never felt an urge, need, or calling from Kali to offer her blood of any kind... and I often wonder what made others believe that that is what the gods wanted. Because, if you follow the theory that they created the world, and all that resides within it... why would they want you to harm one of their creations? There are other ways to show your prowess, power and devotion. That's just my opinion though.

              Blood is a powerful tool. After all, its the main part of what keeps you alive, yes? And death can be considered a powerful tool also - a tool that one person weilds over another, or that over an animal, or that Nature herself holds over us all.

              I don't feel that shedding my blood, or the blood of another human or animal would bring me closer to Kali, or any other god/dess. That's my personal belief... and I'm comfortable with that.

              "An ye harm none"

              That's one part of the Rede that I follow... I make my own path, but I also believe that path should not harm others.
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              • I agree on what you said. Like my Goddess Bast. I do not recall her ever wanting a blood offer. Besides she protects the animales espessaly cats. So why would she want the blood of waht she protects? Thats my veiw.


                • I'm not a new pagan, and I do offer my blood as a sacrifice to a few of my Gods, I could never kill another creature, and mainly it is my own blood so by freely offering my own blood it is for me a very sacred feeling, because it carriers my own unique essence. They are satisfied.
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                  • Id ofer my own.. jsust cause
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                    • It has been suggested to me that the Morrigan appreciates sacrifices of menstrual blood, but I don't know how I would go about doing that...
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                      • I've seen clay idols made to recive a drop on menstral blood.
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                        • I'm a new pagan and i think i could use my own blood in a ritual or as an offering to a god although if it was a ritual i would only use blood for powerful magical workings. I think blood is very powerful because, as Spike said in buffy, 'blood is life', it's very powerful stuff, i also think blood may be needed for entities to manifest physically although the more powerful i think the more blood is probably needed like not much for an angel or demon or other entity but a lot to get a deity to manifest since all sacrifces to detities are usually human e.g. Aztec, Yahweh, etc.

                          I don't think i could kill an animal unless it was neccessary e.g. for survival. I think animal sacrifice is ok as long as it isn't cruel and there is an important reason, Voodo practicioners in Haiti do it but that's because they grow up with animals and sacrifice to them is survival plus i think they treat the animals well and don't waste any, if someone in England or America did it, i think that'd be wrong since more people have never killed an animal and wouldn't be normal for them but for people in Haiti and other places like that, it is normal.

                          As for human, i don't think i could kill a human unless it was the very last option availabe i.e. self-defence plus i don't think the law accepts the 'offering to God' defence .

                          Hope that all made sense.


                          • Daviddd.... slow down boy.
                            as Spike said in buffy
                            Why are you quoting fiction? (i.e. something that is not real?) Sure perhaps Life is Blood, but it is also Breath, among an infinite number of other things. For example, Blood may be the Water of Life, but water is a much better way to hydrate oneself than blood -- especially if one is slowing dying of dehydration in the middle of el deserto.

                            all sacrifces are usually [made to detities who are] humans
                            What about Ancient Egypt? China? Are you saying that giving a blood offering to my Lady the Unicorn (bwahahaha) is 'unusal'. Wow, that's quite a statement -- quite an unusual statement given the number of blood sacrifices that were performed to divine images in the form of animals, in Ancient Egypt.

                            But hey, I could be wrong; maybe those divine images are not really animals, or humans, but just some form of plain energy.

                            Did I mention Ancient Egypt?
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                            • Originally posted by semicivilizedman
                              If the animal is going to die anyway, what sort of sacrifice is that? To sacrifice is to make sacred. If you steal or even buy an animal just to kill it in ritual, even if you eat it afterwards, how is that a sacred sacrifice? I think any blood used should be your own or from an animal that you have raised and subsisted on, depended on to maintain your existence, an animal that has meaning to you. Otherwise it's just useless killing in my opinion. Offering some random animals' blood or life force to someone/something you're suppiosed to revere is like tossing some fast food on the table for someone when you should be giving them a meal that was prepared with love, caring, and respect. These are just my opinions, of course, and not meant to trigger debate or argument.
                              In Vodun animal is sacrificed. The blood if offered to the gods because blood is the sustenance that keeps one going. The meat is eaten and the skins are also used. NOTHING is wasted. Some also believed that once you consume the meat of the animal you are taking in the power of the gods.

                              I agree some Pagan groups will not take the time to understand different beliefs and practices. It's sad.



                              • I am not new but I would offer my blood. I could not and would not kill or hurt anyone or thing in that way. I find nothing wrong with using your own blood as i have before in rituals. Or if you need blood of other they would have to do it freely, i would never take it on my own. That would be blood only, i do not believe in taking life for anyone.