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    I have a question for new Pagans...I would be interested of your answers. I am not trying to rock the boat or send ot a negative image...but I would be interested in what you percieve this subject to be. I have been thinking of my worship of Kali, who is a blood thirsty Goddess. In one of those times before sleep where I just whisper things, idea came to me. What is blood sacrifice? What does it mean when it coems to worshipping a God? What connection does blood have to divine energy? I wonder, if your Goddess or God appeared before you one day...surrounded by their eneregy and ordered you to give an offering of blood to them...what would you do?
    Sacrifice an animal, and offer it's lifeblood
    offer soem of your own lifeblood
    Sacrifice another Human being
    Decline, and possibly suffer the wrath of your God

    असतोमा सद्गमय। तमसोमा ज्योतिर् गमया।
    मृत्योर्मामृतं गमय॥
    ॐ Om Asatoma Sadgamaya, Tamasoma Jyoti Gamaya, Mrityoma Amritam Gamaya ॐ

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    An interesting question! I'm not a new pagan by any stretch (been on my path for a decade now) but I wanted to share my thoughts.

    What connection does blood have to divine energy?
    Blood is the water of life. Divine energy is also life.

    I wonder, if your Goddess or God appeared before you one day...surrounded by their eneregy and ordered you to give an offering of blood to them...what would you do?
    It would really depend on which Goddess or God appeared to me, and why they wanted an offering of blood. In some cases, it can be appropriate to give an offering of blood to a God/dess. If I was to give a blood offering, I would offer my own blood, as I do not believe in harming another living being for ritual purposes under any circumstances.

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      I would offer my own blood, but never the blood of another. My God is one that is historically known for tests. But according to my own theology my God would never ask for a blood sacrifice, because all sacrifice has been satisfied. So if a deity came to me demanding blood, I'd be extremely skeptical as to the real identity of that deity.


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        Well, I'm not new either. I'd do it. I'd rather do my own (I've used blood on runes anyway), but I think I could get myself to kill something. People seem to have this skewed view of animal sacrifice. Honestly, I'd eat the meat. It can be like killing anything for food, but you're dedicating it to your gods first, and they can have the blood; I'm not going to drink it. ^_^ I've had meat at festivals before. We've even pit-roasted a pig before. What is so completely different about my killing it or a slaughterhouse? Frankly, mine would likely be much more humane.

        I really don't think that I'd ever kill a human, though. I believe in those taboos on cannibalism too much. And since I won't eat it or otherwise use it, I couldn't feel justified. It'd be pointless (to me), not to mention highly unethical.

        Just trying to see things practically.

        Tashi delek!
        Dawa Lhamo

        PS: I voted to offer my own since we could only pick one choice. ^_^
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          There's a lot of blood sacrifice in the African paths. But modern ways and certain philosophic ideals are creeping into these paths and some, not all or many, but some people are moving away from animal sacrifice. Red palm oil has been proven as a perfect substitute for blood. This leads me to believe that the effective use of blood lies more in the IDEA of offering blood than it does in the actual offering of blood. I know some people who use red wine as a "blood" sacrifice as well. I personally have used a wine called Bulls' Blood in ritual with Simbi and with Shango. Since I don't happen to have access to a bull or its blood, I improvise. It all works fine, red palm oil or wine. It's the strength of your intent and the strength of your connection to your deity or higher power that really matters, not corporeal items such as blood. Use it if you want to, but you don't need to. If your deity demands it, tell them "no." Then offer alternatives.
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            I've actually been asked this question before.. but it seems like it's on quite a few minds of late. There is an article in the most recent issue of PanGaia about animal sacrifice in the Heathen tradition.. (Asatru)..

            I am a vegetarian for many reasons, one is that I am NOT capable of killing an animal.. If I could not do it the honor of raising it, and then killing it painlessly and honorably I have no business eating it. I do not however hold it against the people that do it ritualistically .. It's not my path, but they are welcome to it as long as they know HOW to do it. One point that was brought up in the article I read said something to the extent that the people that DO these rituals LEARN how to kill the animal swiftly, and painlessly.. I do not think that people that have no idea how to do it correctly should EVER do it..
            The animals shouldn't suffer.

            I have used my own blood quite a few times, and would share blood with someone that I was really close to, but would never take it from anyone that was unwilling or scared. *shrug*
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              The Santerians sacrifice goats, which are then ritually consumed. The blood is used as part of the ritual.

              At the last forum I was on, someone got kicked off for mentioning Santerian sacrifice, because the moderators didn't like it and said that it harmed the "Pagan movement." The topic is controversial, yes, I understand, but I wish folks would read up about it before condemning it.

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                I would have no problem offering an animal sacrifice if it were necessary. Like Kaija said, you do need to know how to do so as humanely and quickly as possible. However I do not know the proper way to kill the animal (though I do know how to butcher own) so unless I happened to have someone who did know how and I (we) could bless the animal beforehand and perform the correct ritual then I wouldn't. Also as Dawa Lhamo said, I would be eating the meat (after giving the blood and choice portions to my gods) and I would also put the skin/fur to use, along with anything else that could be used.

                Seeing as I don't have the proper skills, I would be more likely to offer my own blood, if it were acceptable.


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                  What Marvelous Mad Madam Morag said. :>

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                    If I cannot give of myself first, then I have no buisness taking it from someone else.
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                      If your god is that full of wrath, you got bigger problems than that.
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                        Salut Tobias aka Galadraal. I think you still consider me a New Pagan, but in anyway:
                        I would first give all my blood that I could without endangering myself. If more was still needed I would steal an animal that was going to a slaughter house.... and offer up that blood No hesitation. The animal was going to die anyway.
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                          If the animal is going to die anyway, what sort of sacrifice is that? To sacrifice is to make sacred. If you steal or even buy an animal just to kill it in ritual, even if you eat it afterwards, how is that a sacred sacrifice? I think any blood used should be your own or from an animal that you have raised and subsisted on, depended on to maintain your existence, an animal that has meaning to you. Otherwise it's just useless killing in my opinion. Offering some random animals' blood or life force to someone/something you're suppiosed to revere is like tossing some fast food on the table for someone when you should be giving them a meal that was prepared with love, caring, and respect. These are just my opinions, of course, and not meant to trigger debate or argument.
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                            Originally posted by FlyingBear

                            If I cannot give of myself first, then I have no buisness taking it from someone else.
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                              Originally posted by FlyingBear

                              If I cannot give of myself first, then I have no buisness taking it from someone else.
                              Presumably when you make a sacrifice you are giving something that is incredibly important to you and thus you are giving of yourself. For example, growing up we subsited on the deer my father hunted. If we were to bless that animal and give the blood and the choice portions up to the gods, we absolutely would be giving of ourselves because we would be giving up food we needed to survive. And in my opinion giving up something you need to survive is giving of yourself.